Thanks to readers A. O'Connor and Paul M. for sending in these results from Tuesday's SmackDown tapings at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN:

Attendance is low, I've been a wrestling fan for 22 years and this is the lowest attendance I've ever seen for a WWE TV Taping. Attendance looks to be around 4,000.

Superstars and SmackDown will be using the new stage set that has been on RAW the past two weeks.

SmackDown opens with the Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon, who announces that the new GM of SmackDown is a man who will call it down the middle... Booker T! Booker comes out to a nice pop. Alberto Del Rio comes out and starts talking. Out comes Sheamus, who tells Del Rio that he's happy about his upbringing and that he's not a rich punk like Del Rio. Booker tells Sheamus and Del Rio that they have single matches tonight before being stopped by Del Rio, who says he will not wrestle until SummerSlam. Booker tells Del Rio that he's the new boss and tonight he faces Randy Orton. Booker then tells Sheamus that he will face his opponent right now and it's... TENSAI.

Sheamus defeated Tensai after Tensai misses a corner splash and Sheamus comes off ropes with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus is OVER in Indy!

Eve is congratulating Booker T on being the new GM and offers her services to him. Teddy Long appears and Booker tells Teddy that he has big shoes to fill because Teddy was a great GM. Booker then offers Teddy to be the assistant GM which Teddy accepts. Eve is shocked and upset as Booker tells her he has no other openings in his administration, and has Teddy escort her out of his office.

Antonio Cesaro comes out to the ring to say "Hello" to the WWE Universe in 5 different languages until he is interrupted by Santino Marella for the next match. Antonio Cesaro defeated United States Champion Santino Marella in a back-and-forth non-title match. Santino hit the cobra, but Cesaro's leg was under the rope. Cesaro took advantage and picked up the win.

Chris Jericho, Christian and Kane vs. The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan is advertised for later tonight.

Backstage Matt Striker is interviewing Daniel Bryan and they show the developing story between AJ and Bryan from RAW. Striker asks Bryan if he has anything to say and Daniel says NO! and displays a new "No, No, No" t-shirt. He says the people need to stop chanting "Yes!", and starts yelling "NO, NO, NO!" with the fans chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz beat Kane, Christian and Chris Jericho. Vickie came out to a ton of heat and it was hard to hear her talk because the boo's wereso loud. Tons of "YES!" chants as Bryan made his entrance. Lots of "Y2J" chants as well. Good back and forth action with a tease of Jericho and Ziggler. Those two will have a nice fued. Jericho comes in on the hot tag and looks good. Match ends when Jericho has Bryan in the Walls of Jericho and Vickie distracts the ref and Ziggler runs in with the briefcase only to get a codebreaker. Daniel Bryan gets the roll up on Jericho for the win.

Striker is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton guarantees he will hit Del Rio with an RKO tonight.

It was announced that Survivor Series comes to Indianapolis for the first time on November 18, 2012. Tickets are on sale after the event.

Jindal Mahal vs. Ryback is next and match ends quickly outside the ring by DQ when Mahal hits Ryback with the microphone and runs off.

Backstage Prime Time Players are shown heading to the ring.

R-Truth (w/Kofi Kingston) vs. Darren Young (w/ Titus O'Neal and AW) is next. AW was mic'd up at ringside. Kofi and AW get into it outside of the ring before Titus catches Kofi with a clothesline, distracting Truth. Young hits the gut buster and picks up the win.

Backstage Booker is shown on his phone and plans to take care of business as GM. Layla walks in to congratulate him when they are interrupted by Cody Rhodes, who questions Booker T as GM and tells him not to call him "Sucka." Booker calls him "Sucka" anyway and tells him that he will face Sin Cara next week. Layla and Booker finish talking as we head back to the ring.

Main event time! Randy Orton comes out to a nice ovation followed by Ricardo Rodriguez, who introduces Alberto Del Rio. Lots of "Orton" chants throughout the match. Del Rio does a good job of keeping Orton grounded during the bout. Orton gets his second win and is preparing for an RKO when Ricardo runs in, causing a DQ. Del Rio attacks Orton's arm, but Orton fights him off and sends him outside the ring. As Del Rio tries to leave, Sheamus runs out and throws Del Rio back in the ring where he gets an RKO! End of show.

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