Re-Post: Impact Results With Tons Of Video

-AJ tweets from Australia

-AJ/Claire recap

Daniels and Kazarian make fun of AJ in Australia. They are going to throw Claire a baby shower.


Taz and Tenay say there will be 3 four-way matches at Hardcore Justice worth 20 points in the BFG Series: Ladder Match between AJ, Angle, Daniels, & Joe; Falls Count Anywhere between Anderson, RVD, Pope, & Magnus; and a Tables Match between Hardy, Storm, Bully, & Robbie E.

Bully Ray comes to the ring and says he never trusted James Storm. He says he will also be at ringside tonight during Storm's match.

BFG Series: Bully Ray vs. Robbie E. w/ Robbie T.

Robbie T. attacks Bully from behind before the bell and Robbie E. takes advantage as he jumps all over Bully. Bully battles back with chops from his knees and hits a neckbreaker for the quick win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Bully Ray

-Madison Rayne accepts candy, flowers, and a teddy-bear from Earl Hebner backstage. She says she cares about him and doesn't need gifts. Gail Kim interrupts and asks what all this is and questions Earl's call from last week.

-Tara and Mickie stretch in the locker room, separately.


-Miss Tessmacher joins commentary.

Knockouts #1 Contenders Match: Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James


Tara goes at it with Gail and Madison takes it to Mickie. Mickie hits a hurricanrana on Madison. Tara comes in and takes out both Gail and Madison but she can't beat the numbers game. Madison gets 2 on Tara. Mickie pulls Gail out of the ring but Gail sends her into the steps.

Tara goes for a cover on Madison but Gail breaks the count. Gail and Madison double-team Tara. Madison hits a faceplant on Tara but Mickie breaks the count. Madison hits a boot on Mickie but Mickie hits a neckbreaker and Gail breaks the pin. Gail hits a backbreaker on Mickie, Tara drops Gail across the ropes and springs in with a leg drop across her throat.

Tara slams Gail and goes up top but Madison stops her. Mickie pulls Madison down and hits a clothesline. Gail hits a superplex on Tara and all four women are down. Gail makes the cover on Tara but Earl is distracted by Madison to make the count.

Gail asks Madison what is going on. Mickie tosses Gail out and hits a flurry on Madison. Gail pushes Mickie off the top. Tara hits the Widow's Peak on Gail. Madison rolls Tara up and they both think they have the pin but Earl gives it to Madison, like last week.

Winner by pin: Madison Rayne

-Recap from the earlier in the night regarding Angle and Storm

Roode is backstage. He says he will also be at ringside tonight and he will prove Storm is behind Aces & 8's. Aries says he will be there also.

-Sting talks to Brooke Hogan in the office. He asks for an update on Hogan. Brooke says he's not as good as he would admit. Sting asks Brooke if she can stand the pressure of her job. She says she will try but she is worried. Someone delivers an envelope to Brooke with Aces and 8's playing cards inside. Brooke tears her mic off and leaves.

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