Re-Post: Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: Impact Results With Tons Of VideoWe begin with a brawl erupting from backstage and into the arena between Aries & Roode and King & Ion. They trade and Roode slams King into the steps as Aries takes it to Ion. The bell rings and we are officially underway.

Austin Aries & Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode & Zema Ion

Aries hits a side suplex on Ion after Roode hesitates to make the tag. King and Aries give Ion a double airplane spin and simultaneous chops to the chest. King drops a springboard leg drop for 2. Aries slingshots in with an elbowdrop to Ion across King's knees. Aries gets 2 on Ion.

King tags back in and they keep Ion in their corner. King is caught in the corner but resumes with shoulderblocks and makes a cover for 2. Aries tags back in who leaps in with a twist over the top and tags King back in. King goes to the ropes and is kneed in the back by Roode. Ion accidentally clotheslines Roode off the apron. Roode pulls King out of the ring and drives his back into the apron. Ion launches over the top and front flips onto King on the outside. Roode puts the boots to King and sends him back in where Ion gets 2.

Roode tags in and continues the assault complete with spitting in the face of Aries on the apron. Roode keeps King down and executes a nice suplex and a knee to the face. Roode punches Aries in the face on the apron. Ion tags in and takes it to King, keeping the ring cut-off.


King fights Ion off the corner ropes, Roode pushes King off and to the floor. Roode brings King in and continues with strikes and stomps. Roode tags Ion. Ion stomps on King's arm. King hits a cradle suplex and they both reach for the tag. Roode tags in but the ref doesn't see Aries make the tag also.

Roode drags King to their corner and stomps on King with Ion behind Earl's back.

King fights out of the corner and hits an Enzuigiri on Ion but Roode breaks the cover. Aries comes off the top and connects with a dropkick on Roode. Aries dives on Roode on the outside. King drops Ion in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: Austin Aries & Kenny King

-Aces & 8's recap video

-Sting says he's going to call someone out to the ring to find out who's behind this.


Sting makes his way to the ring. He says there are lots of questions but not a lot of answers. He wants to hear it from the horse's mouth and calls out James Storm.

Sting says he didn't believe Roode when he accused Storm of being behind Aces & 8's but he wants to show some footage. A video runs of how Aces & 8's never touched Storm last week. Storm says he's been asked that question all week. He says he doesn't need anyone to fight his battles. He says 9 months ago he was jumped by Kurt Angle but he didn't cry about it. Angle's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Angle says he and Storm have been through a lot in the past year. He says he was attacked by Aces & 8's right before his match with Storm and Storm benefited from it. He wants to know Storm's motivation. He says 8 men ran from one man, Storm. Angle begs any member of the group to interfere in his match tonight. He says it will be an a** kicking party.

Sting says he's glad Angle said 'party' because he will be at ringside tonight. Angle tells Storm he will make him tap out and he leaves. Storm says, we'll see.

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