Davey Richards Releases Statement On Team Bandit Controversy

Davey Richards has released a statement in regards to the "Team Bandit" incident from last weekend. Richards and ROH talents Kyle O'Reilly and Tony Kozina reportedly threatened a promoter last Sunday and fled the arena with $350 moments before a scheduled match. There has also been backlash to a match between Tony Kozina and Ryan Kidd in which Kozina forcefully choked out his 16-year-old opponent for the finish.

O'Reilly originally posted a blog defending his actions, before posting a follow-up later in the day admitting that he'd made an irrational decision when "emotions were running high." O'Reilly said that he would return the money to promoter Jeremy Jacobs, and was sorry for his actions.

Here is Richards full statement which he sent via e-mail:

"I don't have any philosophic phrases like O'Reilly, nor empty threats which seems to be the darling way to be tough now-a-days behind the protective veil of the Internet (the quickest sure fire way to prove your an absolute coward). But what I do have is the truth and I'll indulge you.

"Now O'Reilly already told the story so and he's a much more patient man than I so I'll just drop the main points: I was trained that you don't disrespect veterans. There's a pecking order in this business, and if you go against it you get your ass handed to you. I was trained that the boys stick up for each other and don't allow others to disrespect them, because it reflects on the business as a whole. So when a guy who took my seminar the day prior and all of a sudden, over text message (everyones got balls of steel behind texts/twitter/fb) disrespects the guy who helped bring me and Kyle up, and more importantly, my friend, I feel 100% justified taking action.

"So, not over text/twitter/fb but in person (I know, can you imagine some people actually confront people face to face?? Insanity!!) I tell this guy how disrespectful he was and if this was 10 yrs ago he would have gotten his ass beat. He agreed and apologized and insisted he shake Tony's hand. Before this he tried and admitted to lying saying he didn't know whom he was talking to on text so he didn't know he was disrespecting Kozina (a lie Tony quickly called out as, and we have the text messages to prove, Tony said in the beginning, 'This is Kozina'.)

"Now understand I'm in the middle of Iowa, 7 hrs from home in the middle of corn fields (which is beautiful scenery btw) and this guy looked out and saw 25 people at his show, knew he was going to lose his ass and tried to cancel us off when we're 2 hrs away. Tony and Kyle were hurt, an unfortunate and common aspect of how we train and work. So we tried to get an 8 man. The promoter at first said the fans paid to see singles (to which Tony responded, and we have the texts, 'ok well do the singles') which contradicted his later statement of 'well noone here knows who you guys are'.

"As far as me physically threatening him, sorry ace, never happened, and if you truly think it did - press charges! I have nothing to hide, do you?

"I came to you face to face like a man, told you how I felt. I don't do backstage rumors, gossip, social media tough guy stuff. I tell people how I feel in person and take full responsibly for it all.

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