Davey Richards Releases Statement On Team Bandit Controversy

"Ok, and now to the blockbuster crime of the century: we took -- wait for it -- drum roll -- people are on then edge of their seats -- 350$!!!!!

"Did I? I sure did, I took 350$ and left on Saturday. Tuesday afternoon I paypaled him -- wait for it ----- drum roll ---- 350$ back!! So he lost ----- 0 dollars! No one asked me to do this. I said to him, well here you read the text:

Ok I'm going to pay pal you your money back. I never spent it, it was on principle. You'll have it today. I'm sorry things got to this level. Please text me to let me know you got it. Yea dude it's crazy. I don't hold any grudges man. I wish you and your crew the best.

"I've said for years, I don't talk, I do. I let him feel what we felt -- to be disrespected an screwed. So the same thing doesn't happen to another wrestler (remember what I said about the boys sticking up for the boys?).

"I have the PayPal receipt as well to prove it.

"Ok so stealing and threatening have been covered, what else?

"Oh I know! Ya know I could, I could slander your name as you have mine, wished harm on you as you have me (the getting in a car wreck bit was sure classy) or I could post your phone number on a social media site like you did mine. But I won't, I won't hang at the bottom of the barrel with you buddy.

"And really 15 min after this ordeal this loser is on twitter begging for a match in ROH, like a certain someone in the ROH office said, 'This is this losers big shot at getting some attention and he's going all out'. Well friend I'm not mentioning you by name. Your going to have to get attention the same way I did in this wacky business- work your ass off and earn it.

"I know it's the socially dictated right thing do to apologize and try to make amends. But c'mon that wouldn't be ol DR now would it?

"So instead of trying release myself from responsibly by saying it was 'anger taking hold or it was emotionally driven actions and comments' I'll simply say from the bottom of my heart that I don't apologize for anything, I'm proud that I stood up for my friend, what I was taught, and how I was raised, and most of all what I believe to be right. I meant every word and every action and take full responsiblity.

"I don't talk, I act. I treat people how they treat me. I stand up for what I was taught and for my friends.

"If I'm the bad guy for it, I welcome it with open arms. I'm more than willing to take shots for what I believe in.

"I'll always be the first help people out (ask Adam Cole, Eddie Edwards, Kenny Omega, Kyle O'Reilly, and countless others) but I will also to call out what I don't believe to be right.

"Maybe I just have rebel blood running through me, but I don't bow down, I don't keep my mouth shut, I don't run from what I disagree with. I speak up, I stand up and I fight for what I believe in. That's how I raised. If it's the end of ol DR then I couldn't be more proud.

"It's like my grandma used to say to me, 'It's better to hated for who you are than loved for who you're not'.

"In the end, to the guys in Iowa -- god bless ya, I wish you guys nothing but success. Hopefully y'all wake up but that's your cross to bear not mine."

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