WWE SmackDown Recap With Video: New GM, Orton, Bryan, More

WWE SmackDown Recap With Video: New GM, Orton, Bryan, MoreWelcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE SmackDown Recap.

-Opening video and pyro

We are in Indianapolis, IN. Lilian Garcia introduces Mr. McMahon. He power-walks to the ring and says they had to find someone with charisma, character, and experience for the GM position. He introduces Booker T to a nice pop. Cole says his prayers have been answered because Booker will no longer be on commentary.

Booker comes to the ring and shakes Vince's hand. Vince leaves and Booker thanks Vince and the Board. He is interrupted by Alberto del Rio.

Del Rio congratulates him. Booker says he has to suck-up better than that. Del Rio starts to talk about Sheamus and how he is a peasant. Sheamus' music hits and he comes to the ring. Sheamus congratulates Booker and they shake. He invites Booker to go drinking after the show. Sheamus cuts a promo on Del Rio and how he isn't going to wrestle until SummerSlam. Booker says that, in fact, both men have singles matches tonight. Del Rio says he will not compete. Booker tells him that all his money doesn't help him hear better. Booker gets in his face and says he's the boss and Del Rio will compete. Booker says he will face Randy Orton. Del Rio leaves, unhappily.

Booker tells Sheamus not to go anywhere because he's up next against this man…Tensai. Sheamus looks amused. They cut to a split-screen pre-recorded promo of Tensai referring to Sheamus and the Brogue Kick, in Japanese. I guess Tensai already knew about the match ahead of time.


Sheamus vs. Tensai

Sheamus takes control but Tensai slaps him. Tensai is a much larger man than Sheamus. Sheamus takes him down with and unloads with punches. Tensai knocks him down but misses with the elbow. Sheamus comes back with knees and a dropkick which sends Tensai to the outside. Sheamus brings him back in but Tensai hits headbutts in the corner. Sheamus comes back with kicks and comes off the top and misses but rolls through. Sheamus clotheslines him over the top. Sheamus comes off the apron but is caught and rammed into the steel post.


Back in the ring, Sheamus tries to come back but is shut down. Tensai gets a 2. Tensai applies a bearhug and continues to work the back and kidneys. Sheamus makes a comeback with elbows but gets a boot to the head with more punches and headbutts. Tensai tries to go up top but Sheamus knocks him off and he goes flying to the floor. Sheamus hits forearms to the chest on the apron and Tensai is bruised-up on his stomach. Sheamus hits a powerslam but gets 2. Tensai hits his chokeslam spinebuster but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus ducks out of the corner, hits the ropes, and connects with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner by pin: Sheamus

We go to a shot of Eve's legs. She is sitting in Booker's office and when he arrives she gets up and says she wanted to be the first to congratulate him. She tries to put herself over as a good assistant. Booker says he will let her know, first-hand. Teddy Long shows up and says Booker has earned it. (Teddy used to manage Booker in WCW). Booker offers Teddy a position on his staff. Teddy accepts. Booker tells Eve that all the positions have been filled. She leaves, in disgust.

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