WWE SmackDown Recap With Video: New GM, Orton, Bryan, More


Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are in the ring. Cole says Booker choosing Teddy is like McCain choosing Palin. Lilian says Cesaro wants to say "hello" in five different languages. He does and Santino's music hits.

Santino vs. Antonio Cesaro

They go back and forth. Santino rolls him up for 2. Cesaro lifts him with ease and slams him for 2. Santino drops a headbutt and pulls out the Cobra and connects but Cesaro's foot is under the rope so the ref can't count the fall. Cesaro rolls out as Santino argues with the ref. Santino goes outside and is rammed into the security wall. Cesaro hits his Gotch-Style Neutralizer in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro celebrates with Aksana in the ring.


Matt Striker interviews Daniel Bryan in the back and he sends to a video of Bryan's misadventures as of late. He asks Bryan if he has any comments. Bryan says, 'no.' He says we'll be hearing that from him a lot more often. He doesn't want to hear anyone chanting 'yes' anymore. The crowd starts to chant it and he says only he can say that. Bryan starts to go off, screaming, 'no!'

The lights go out in the arena and Jericho comes to the ring, followed by Christian and Kane.


Miz comes out. Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler. Daniel Bryan makes his entrance.

Chris Jericho, Christian, & Kane vs. Daniel Bryan, Miz, & Dolph Ziggler

Bryan starts off with intensity against Christian. Christian hits a dropkick off the 2nd turnbuckle and gets 2. Christian tags Kane who comes off the 2nd rope with a clothesline but Bryan gets his shoulder up. Kane sends Bryan in and follows up with a clothesline in the corner; he hits a big boot and gets 2. Bryan tags Miz who comes off the top but is caught with a shot to the face by Kane.

Kane tags Jericho who continues the offense on Miz. Ziggler slaps Jericho in the back of the head from the apron then jumps off in retreat. This allows Miz to get in a big boot to the grill of Jericho. Ziggler gets the tag and Jericho tackles him as soon as he enters. Ziggler ducks out of the ring.


Miz is in control in the ring with Christian. Miz keeps him in their corner and tags Bryan who quickly tags Ziggler. Ziggler drops a big elbow and gets 2. Dropkick and another 2. The tags continue as Miz comes in. Christian gets his boots up in the corner and comes off the ropes with a reverse elbow and makes the hot tag to Jericho as Miz tags Bryan.

Jericho comes in with all cylinders and speeds things up against Bryan. He hits the Lionsault but the pin is broken by Ziggler. All six men get involved and go to the outside, except for the legal men, Jericho and Bryan. Jericho applies the Walls as Vickie comes on the apron to distract the ref. Ziggler comes in and gets a Codebreaker. Bryan rolls up Jericho from behind and gets the win.

Winners by pin: Bryan, Ziggler, & Miz

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