2CW Event Report: DDP Appears, Kevin Steen Vs. Eddie Edwards

There was no intermission and I think it was a good idea. I think there was 9 matches and a long DDP segment, a half hour intermission would've drained the crowd further alongside the heat. The lobby was well air conditioned and the food was good as always. The chicken fingers and mozzerella sticks are always good, they also had all sorts of ice cream, four flavors of slush puppy etc. The prices are decent but the service is very slow, still the food gets a 10/10 as far as snackstands go. Would've gotten a 15/10 though if they served some beers.

Next up was the Super Smash Brothers Player Uno and Player Dos defending the Tag Team Titles against Punisher Van Slyke and Kevin Graham. The Super Smash Brothers are great, originally from the West Coast I think. The unmasked Smash Brother sells hard and wrestles intensely. Graham and Van Slyke are pretty good as a tag team, if only for their differing styles. I was hoping to see the Smash Brothers against a different tag team but Slyke and Graham kept pace with the Brothers. The match started with First Class beating on Player Uno for a good five minutes. They threw him around pretty good and he sold beautifully. The crowd was in to this match considering the heat and the fact that 2/3rds of the audience were sitting behind ice rink glass. Player Dos got the hot tag and cleaned house. The Smash Bros hit an awesome double team move, a top rope 450 and a running cannonball corner senton at the same time. I've never seen that one before and it was quite awesome. Next, Punisher hit Player Uno with a monster top rope belly to belly release suplex, followed by a top rope splash 2/3rds across the ring bu Kevin the Man. The Smash Brothers retained their titles, hitting their incredible finisher on the big man Punisher. You would have to see this move to believe is, the best I could describe it would be a standing backslide/blockbuster combo but that doesn't do it justice. I was very happy to see the Smash Brothers win. I prefer them to First Class and am happy to see that they'll be back.

I enjoyed seeing the Briscoes twice in 2cw, but they brought their B game instead of their A game. They wrestled as if it was a house show and didn't get over with the crowd as much as they could. Turmoil between Graham and Van Slyke after the match as Kevin the Man slaps Punisher in the mouth pretty damn hard. Van Slyke stalked Graham to the back, almost catching up with Player Uno who was still selling his way to the locker room. I saw Punisher in a singles match recently at In Your Face Wrestling in Whitehall NY and I'm almost looking forward to seeing him in singles matches, after what I hope will be a grudge match stlye feud with Graham.

Up next was Masada against Jason Axe. Axe is a 2cw staple and always gives 100%. I saw him in a Chikara Young Lions Cup qualifier in Syracuse, the crowd loved him and delivered as usual. If memory serves correctly he and Portia Perez still deserve a tag titles rematch. I noticed Portia is off of the roster page, and that sucks. I'm a huge fan of Masada. He is the current CZW Heavyweight champion as well as (I think) the CZW Ultraviolent Underground title. 2011 and 2012 CZW King of the Death match etc. An international wrestler well traveled in Japan, Masada is a fearless deathmatch wrestler as well as an excellent worker.

This match started off with three solid minutes of catch as catch can technical wrestling. The pace was fast and the action was awesome but the crowd wasn't as into the fundamentals as you would like to see. The match got a good reaction but as always the crowds sluggishness was apparent. They traded about 15 forearms to the jaw, which Masada smiled about and seemed to enjoy quite a bit. At one point Masada tore away the ringside mats, only to be suplexed on the floor. Axe hit his trademark running somersault off the apron to the floor, he nearly missed Masada and hit the ground hard. Masada busted out some pretty awesome power moves including a couple hard powerbombs. Jason Axe picked up the win in a clinic. Awesome amateur/pro wrestling start with a hard hitting "strong style" middle and a powermove style ending. The crowd was in to this but not as much as they should've been. I love seeing Masada get "hardcore" but he's so good in traditional matches that I don't mind. He was added to the weekend doubleheader the day of the first event, maybe he caught a ride up with Swann and or Sammi. He's wrestled for 2cw before and I loved seeing him live again. As CZW champ and a very hard worker I would've liked to see him defeat Axe, but I suppose you can't blame 2cw for putting their guy over in what was almost bad politics. I really hope Masada comes back.

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