2CW Event Report: DDP Appears, Kevin Steen Vs. Eddie Edwards

Next up was Kevin Steen defending his world title against Diehard Eddie Edwards. I thought this would've been the main even. I believe both of these guys are booked for XPW the next day, which they are quite often. ROH is a bigger payday than 2cw so you can't blame them for not going as hard as they can. They didn't phone it in by any means but they were shooting for a 7.5 star match at best. Both of these guys are great, Steen being a triple champion holding the PWG and ROH titles as well. Steen got some slack from a teenage kid as soon as he came out from behind the curtain. They had an exchange and the fan seemed to get the better of Steen with a DX crotch chop, getting a respectable and amusing pop. After feeling eachother out they started competitively trading shoulderblocks. Things escalated and both men exchanged over 15 running shoulderblocks, literally bouncing off of eachother. Pretty awesome. Steen set up what what I thought would be a corner cannonball senton but instead hit the bronco buster. I've never been a big fan of that move but he did it to spite the kid who did the DX chop earlier, which was quite funny. Another exchange and Edwards nails Steen with X Pacs X Factor. Another Exchange and Steen nails Billy Gunns Fameasser, asking the crowd what other moves DX does. I suggested a superkick. Edwards hit Road Doggs shaky knee drop, Steen responded with a pedigree, yelling to the crotch chop kid "This is all because of you!"

The DX spot was about five minutes of the match, and although they weren't giving 100% it was fun to see them improvise on the fly. They picked up the pace a little bit and Steen hit his package piledriver on the apron. Wow. They tried to have a house show style match but couldn't resist pulling out a crazy spot, awesome. Steen picks up the win. It would've been nice to see these guys in the main event giving it all, but they're both so good technically and Steen plays the crowd so well that it didn't matter. I like Steen but I'm not sure about him being champ. I guess it's a good idea because it gives the 2cw title a lot of publicity, but after Steen loses one of those other titles I'd like to see a new champion. 8.5 out of 10 as far as mid card matches go.

I assumed intermission was next and went to my car to party for a little bit. Came back in and the entire arena was dark, with corny music playing and DDPs inspirational yoga video playing on the screen. The lights came on and DDP cut a promo, mentioning that he was 56 years old but he can still go. He said that he has one good match left in him and he would like to wrestle Randy Orton for using his finisher. A random comment, it sounds like DDP is fishing for one last hurrah on WWE TV wrestling Orton. From where I'm sitting, DDP is what, 25 or 30 years older than Orton? I haven't seen DDP Diamond cutting people regularly on TV in the last ten years, I think his finisher is public domain by now.

My Brother told me that DDP and Muscle Marcos exchanged slaps before DDP hit him with the Diamond Cutter. You can't blame DDP for not wrestling at his age, really. He certainly made out like a bandit. I assume he sold 200 meet and greets at ten dollars a piece...he was probably selling books or yoga DVDs....whatever 2cw paid him, along with what was basically a live infomercial. He came across as a salesmen/motivational speaker, which I guess is a persona he picked up while pushing his yoga. At one point he told the crowd something along the lines of "you can do whatever you set your mind to" which got an amusing pop. DDP made some bank and 2cw boosted ticket sales, I doubt they got a percentage of the meet and greet profits but that would've been nice.

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