2CW Event Report: DDP Appears, Kevin Steen Vs. Eddie Edwards

Next up was All Money is Legal against Team CK Carr and Cage. The crowd slipped a little bit during this match. Kage is a legitimate international superstar and an obvious veteran. He's a powerhouse and always brings his A game. He was part of a couple blown spots in this match and if you looked closely he only showed the slightest bit of frustration. A total pro. Carr always seems to have a strong if not small part of the local crowd behind him. I'm not very familiar with him buts hes also a pro, always a solid performance. I get him confused with Graham a lot. AMIL is a solid comedy act and they can pull out the highspots when they need to. Their right attire is hilarious. At one point Kage knocked the beads right out of one of their goatees. AMIL were pretty over the top ridiculous and pretty funny/entertaining. Kage hit his standard double clothesline, K Pusha and K Murda hit Carr with their impressive running double brainbuster. AMIL picked up the win. This was a decent match but I think it dragged a little and the crowd was getting weary. It's good to see AMIL is back but I wish they would use a table every match, or something. I was also hoping that Carr and Kage would've turned on eachother like First Class did earlier. I think they would both (especially Kage) have some excellent singles matches. I'd like to see Kage play the heel as well, as he claims to be very versatile. 5.5/10, shouldn't have been so high on the card or should've been shorter.

Up next was a four way between Slyck Wagner Brown, Rich Swann, Jay Freddie and Colin Delaney. Slyck is another Indy veteran, a true pro inside and out of the ring, always entertaining. Swann is a natural good guy as well. He is hilarious and very over the top, pure entertainment and an incredible spot guy. Jay Freddie is a 2cw mainstay, a top notch wrestler who I've enjoyed seeing fluctuate between face and heel for the last few months. Delaney is always excellent, great in ring talent as well as a great "persona". This was a two man in, two man out type match. The pace was set fast quickly as all four men took turns knocking eachother out of the ring only to have the favor returned. Freddie and Swan engaged in what looked to be a legitimately impromptu dance off, complete with music on the PA for Freddie. Freddie did a standard shuffle followed by what was almost passable dancing. The music unfortunately didn't play for Swan, who got just got warmed up and pearl harbored Freddie.

Everyone traded highspots to the floor, with cross bodies, suicide dives and a beautiful twisting somersault type move by Swan. They all traded finishers, Slyck hitting his running reverse fameasser. These guys delivered a lot of fast paced hard hitting action in a short amount of time. They set up for a tower of doom type move, an electric chair drop/superplex with Delaney taking the fall. I think Swan was supposed to be in on the move too but they started early on accident. Luckily they fell forward as opposed to backwards which would've been a dangerous drop for Delaney. Swan hit Freddie with a Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor and Slyck made Delaney tap in an awkward submission in a blown finish. Swan was ushered to the back with what appeared to be a legit neck injury, but you never know. It did seem the match was cut short but the action was pretty non stop and fast paced while it lasted. Great booking/talent, 8 out of ten not counting the dance number.

Main event time, Sami Callihan versus Tomas Ciampa for the first time ever. These two have been trash talking eachother for months on Twitter and I imagine got the match booked themselves. I've only seen Ciampa wrestle twice Live, once on ROH TV. I haven't been able to cheer for him yet, as the last time I saw him wrestle was against Rhino. I like Ciampa though, he's intense and really comes across as the "Sicilian Psychopath" that he claims to be. This was the first time that I've seen Callihan wrestle in 5 months and thats far too long.

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