2CW Event Report: DDP Appears, Kevin Steen Vs. Eddie Edwards

The crowd was as hot as they could be considering the conditions. Sammi started the match off with a running big boot as the bell rang, followed by a few running bootscrapes to the face, Nick Gage style. I've seen Sammi start matches like this on youtube but it was awesome to see in person. Ciampa countered with a lariat that send Callihan into a backflip, hitting a couple running knees to the face in the corner. These guys were stiff as hell this entire match and it was excellent. Even if the crowd wasn't exactly on fire, these two still beat the hell out of eachother, and that's what you want to see. It's the first time they've wrestled, they're both at the top of their games and they're both highly competitive. They'll give 100% for that reason alone. Also, it's the main event, and also, it's being recorded for DVD.

They exchanged some ridiculously hard chops, fighting on the outside of the ring. Sammi hit a running chop an then missed one, blasting hit hand on the turnbuckle. They exchanged headbutts and took turns tossing eachother into the guardrails. Sammi hit a kick to Ciampas leg, knocking him off the top head first and setting him up for the Stretch Muffler. They exchanged reversals on the apron. Ciampa sets the Death Machine up for an air raid siren and what the f--k- he nails it. A super risky move and a spot worth the price of admission. Exchanging headbutts, clotheslines, these guys really blew it out of the water. Both of these guys are fantastic and I cant wait to see them wrestle in person again. Callihan could make at least as many shows as Steen and I would love to see the belt on him. A great choice for the main event. 9 out of ten, awesome main event.

Overall another awesome show from 2CW. This being the second show in a double header weekend you expected the guys to give 90%. The heat was rough but that's part of what you sign on for. Match of the night was Callihan Ciampa. My least favorite match was All Money is Legal vs. Carr and Kage, but only because I have to choose. It wasn't bad. Highspot of the night was Ciampas air raid siren on the apron to Callihan. Sick.

Very good show despite some of the boys bringing 90%. 8/10 over all, 2CW always puts on an awesome show.

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