2CW Event Report: DDP Appears, Kevin Steen Vs. Eddie Edwards

2CW Event Report: DDP Appears, Kevin Steen Vs. Eddie EdwardsThanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Nicko Alexakis for sending in these results from last night's 2CW show in Rome, NY:

Doors were scheduled at 5:30 and the show at 7:00 but doors were pushed back to 6:00. I think they opened around 6:15 which is pretty good for a 2cw show. DDP was doing meet and greets for ten dollars and had a huge line. They didn't start the show until the line was gone, which was about 7:30. It seemed that 2/3rds of the crowd went for the meet a greet, DDP had a pretty good pay day tonight.

There were seven rows of chairs around the ring. There were eight at the first show, and about twelve at the last. Second row seats were still available at the front door, which I usually don't see. They had bleacher seating alongside one side of the ring/rink, as opposed to two side as they've done in the past. The building was hot as hell, it may have been as low as 85 degrees but plenty humid.

The first match was The Killer Steves and Loca Vida (electric dream machine) versus Supercop Dick Justice, Pete D Order and some guy whos initals are EMT. I think it might've been superbeast but I'm not too sure. This was a pretty standard opening match, everyone hit their basic spots without anyone getting too risky. Dick Justice is hilarious inside the ring but he always wrestles a little soft, as in cautiously. Loca Vida always brings the energy and the Steves are solid, they hit a flurry of Tatanka chops that were pretty ridiculous/entertaining. The Steves and Loca Vida pick up the win. Decent match but the opener style wrestling coupled with the muggy arena made for a sluggish crowd, which kind of set the tone for the night. 8/10 on an opener scale.

Next up was Isys Ephex versus Cheech. Cheech is fantastic really. His in ring persona and personality are better than most of the guys on TV. Every one of his moves and mannerisms are deliberate and he's also a fantastic technical and pro wrestler. I've only ever seen him live in mid card or opener type matches with about 1/4th comedy and 3/4th wrestling matches. I've seen him do a lot of risky stuff with Cloudy back in the day, I would like to see him on the uppercard in some competitive singles matches, but he's such a good heal that he's good anywhere on the card. Isys was wearing his ridiculous hat, he's a 2cw fixture and he's constantly over, I'm not sure that he's ever played the bad guy but he would probably be good at it... This was a solid match with a lot of playing the crowd. Cheech tried to start a fight with several toddlers during his way to the ring. The crowd was heating up a little for this match and I believe both wrestlers traded suicide dives or topes to the floor. Isys defeated Cheech with a version of the vertebreaker. A sick spot that gave the match a nice exclamation point and ending, a little risky for match #2 though. 7/10 for what it was.

Zachary Springate the Third against Matt Milan and Bin Hamin in a 2 on 1 streetfight. ZS3 is another 2cw staple, wearing his street clothes for a street fight that stayed in the ring mostly. Milan is a young guy trained by Brodie Lee I understand, He's good. I'm sure he wasn't happy about joining Bin Hamins group but as the new guy I guess he doesn't have much of a choice. Speaking of Bin Hamin, he is terrible. Firstly, it's not the 70s anymore, people are going to notice that he's just a white guy with a beard. Even his accent is terrible. I know the foreigner thing is a good way to get cheap heat, and it worked when he wrestled Hacksaw, but he's just terrible. But I guess cheap heat is better than no heat. He's terrible in the ring and hardly did anything during this match, which was probably for the better. Billed as a streetfight this match was a total letdown. That was a mistake. ZS3 laid out Milan with a few belt assisted punches and they traded some hard hitting moves. A half dozen people in the crowd were very anti Milan. Milan and Bin Hamin pick up the win after Hamin hits Springate from the outside with a flag followed by a roleup, or something. The crowd lost steam for this match but it was still a solid performance by both guys, especially for Milan as a relative greenhorn. Couldn't have hurt adding a few trash can shots or some chairs or something, there weren't any weapons on the show so it wouldn't have taken away from anything. 4/10 because it was billed as a streetfight and didn't deliver.

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