TNA Live Event Results From Tulsa, OK (8/5) - Austin Aries Vs. Jeff Hardy, Aries Works As A Heel

Intermission lasted about 20 minutes. Miss Tessmacher was at the merchandise booth signing autographs and if anybody had bought her banner, they would get their picture taken with her. I got her autograph, but i didn't get my picture taken w/ her (didn't want to get out of line to buy a banner). Also during this time, the people that bought the $50 backstage pass and the ones that got the lifetime backstage passes went backstage.

MATCH 5 - Mr. Anderson defeated Kazarian. Daniels & Kazarian came back out dancing very oddly to their new theme song again. Mr. Anderson comes out and calls for his mic to be dropped, but referee Brian Hebner had to inform Anderson that his mic wasn't hooked up. Anderson got sad and the crowd booed because they didn't have Anderson's mic ready. So Hebner had Anderson call for the mic again and while Anderson had his hand up in the air, Brian Hebner brings in a chair, gets on the chair w/ a mic in his hand and he slowly brought down the mic into Anderson's hand which made Anderson happy and the crowd was cheering.

Anderson started doing his introduction and before he could finish saying "Anderson!!!", Kaz attacks him from behind. A few seconds later, Kaz went to do a suicide dive to the outside on Anderson, but he missed and landed on Daniels. Anderson was able to finish "Anderson!!!" and Brian Hebner got on the mic and said "hey Chris, while you're licking your wounds, get your ass to the back. you're outta here!!!" the crowd went nuts and Daniels was flipping out. Kazarian acted like his feelings got hurt.

Anyway, the match lasted another 6 minutes. Anderson won w/ the mic-check. After the match, Anderson went to say his name again, but he had an idea. He walked up to this little kid who was sitting front row and Anderson asked the kid his name and the kid said his name. Anderson then said, "the winner of the match from Green Bay, Wisconsin...." & the kid said "Misterrr!!! Anderson!!!" Anderson said, "wait for it... wait for it." The kid then said "Anderson!!!" and the crowd just went nuts and was applauding this little kid. I thought it was awesome.

MATCH 6 - Samoa Joe defeated James Storm. Nice back and forth match that lasted about 8 to 10 minutes. In the end, Storm went for his version of the codebreaker and Joe countered w/ a roll-up.

Before the main event started, Jeremy Borash is getting the crowd all hyped up again and said that this is TNA's first time in Tulsa and they've had such a great time. J.B. said in about 16 hours (at that point) he was going to be back at TNA HQ & he said he's going to talk to TNA about bringing a pay-per-view to Tulsa in the near future and everybody went nuts.

MAIN EVENT - Austin Aries defeated Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA Championship. Believe it or not... Austin Aries was the heel in this match. Before the match started, Austin gets on the mic and says how much everybody loves Hardy and was talking about how cool it must be when Hardy throws his to shirt to crowd. Austin went to do the same thing, but he gave it to some girl that was sitting by the TNA crew. Austin said, "I don't get paid to be someone's friend, I get paid to kick someone's ass." He then tells Hardy that he's not going to win and said, "let's have a good catch-as-catch-can match" and "may the best man win or may the greatest man that ever lived win."

Great match that lasted about 15 minutes. At the end, Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Austin countered and pinned Hardy w/ Austin's feet on the ropes. At the end of the match, Austin went to shake Hardy's hand like "no hard feelings" or whatever and Hardy hits him w/ a Twist of Fate to end the show.

After the show, Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Jeff Hardy and announced to the TNA fans that they can take a single photo or a group photo with Hardy in the ring for just $20. While I was waiting to get my picture taken with Hardy, Earl Hebner was sitting at the merchandise booth giving autographs and i was able to get his autograph, and I got my picture taken w/ Jeff Hardy.

Overall, my first TNA event turned out to be an awesome wrestling show. I can't wait until they return.

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