Thanks to reader Nathan for sending in these results from tonight's RAW tapings in San Antonio, TX:

Scott Stafford and Josh Matthews are out to kick off WWE Superstars. There was no dark match.

WWE Superstars

Santino Marella is out to a great pop with only half the arena filled. Michael McGillicutty is his opponent. Good back and forth match. Show boating by McGillicutty answered by some from Santino, which drew laughs and cheers from the crowd. McGillicutty left the ring to boos, but was back in after a 5 count. The fans are chanting "Cobra." Santino hits a series of bodyslams, but is knocked down and planted with a few head shots. McGillicutty scores a few two counts. Santino manages to lock in a small package, but McGillicutty is out at two and counters with a clothesline. Santino comes back with a series of blows, does the splits and then plants hip toss. He goes off the ropes for a flying head butt. The crowd is going crazy, and Santino hits the Cobra to get the three count.

Tensai vs. Zack Ryder is up next. Ryder comes out to a good pop, while Tensai gets some major heat. Match starts with Tensai pounding Ryder. Crowd chants "Albert." Ryder is thrown outside of the ring and Tensai follows. Tensai attempts to run at Ryder, but misses and hits a table. Ryder gets back in the ring, Tensai follows and continues to dominate. "Let's go Ryder" chants. Tensai hits Ryder with a knee to the face and a big clothesline for a two count. Ryder finally gets some offense and gets Tensai in the corner. He goes for "Ruff Ryder" but missed. Tensai counters and beats Ryder via pinfall. Tensai leaves ring to big heat and Superstars is over.

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