Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Show taunts Orton now. Orton tries to make a comeback but Show knocks him back down and keeps him grounded on the mat. Orton finally makes a comeback but has the RKO blocked. Show drops Orton with a big chokeslam for a close 2 count. Orton gets knocked out of the ring and Show follows. They brawl at ringside. Show connects with a huge chop to the chest. Show rolls Orton back in the ring and calls for the chokeslam. Orton blocks it but Show knocks him back out of the ring. Show with more big chops on the floor as the referee counts. Show scoops Orton but Orton slides out and shoves him into the ring post. Show blocks a RKO on the floor and nails a big spear. Both men are counted out. We go to replays as they recover on the floor.

- After the match, Show brings Orton back in the ring. Show goes for the knockout punch but Orton ducks and lays him out with the RKO.

- We get a look back at RAW 1000 where Triple H and Lesnar brawled. Both men are in the building tonight, the announcers hype. Also still to come, Shawn Michaels will appear live. Back to commercial.

Ryback vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Back from the break and Tyler Reks is waiting in the ring with his partner Curt Hawkins. Ryback is out next. We get a side video of him talking about being hungry. He welcomes Reks and Hawkins to the food chain and says feed me more. Reks starts the match off for his team. He makes some offense but Ryback scoops him and slams. Reks turns it around long enough to tag in Hawkins. Hawkins comes in and catches a big boot. Hawkins tags Reks back in. Ryback pulls him into the ring. Hawkins distracts Ryback. He turns around to big boots and a clothesline from Reks for a 1 count.

More quick tags and offense by Reks and Hawkins. Hawkins with another pin attempt after some double teaming. Ryback dumps Hawkins out to the floor on top of Reks. Hawkins comes back in and gets dropped on his back. Ryback nails the huge clothesline on Hawkins and then the Shellshocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

- Still to come, Cena vs. Bryan. Back to commercial.

Primo and Epico vs. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young

Back from the break and both teams are in the ring. AW gives his team a grand introduction and yes, he's mic'd up again this week. Epico dropkicks Young before the bell rings. Titus starts things off with Primo and lays him out. Young tags in and they double team. Primo turns it around on Young for a 2 count. Titus comes back in and keeps the attack on Primo.

Epico comes in and goes at it with Young. Epico with dropkicks for both men and a backdrop on Young. Epico hits a trio of backdrops and Titus pulls Young out of the ring for the save. AW backs his team up the ramp until Kofi Kingston's music hits and out he comes with partner R-Truth. Primo and Epico take advantage and bring the fight back to the ring. Epico with a Backstabber on Young for the win.

Winners: Primo and Epico

- We get a look back at RAW 1000 where DX laid out Damien Sandow. We see footage from last week where Sandow took out his frustrations on Brodus Clay. Sandow is walking backstage when Josh Mathews asks for comment about last week. Sandow says he's obligated to rid WWE of all foolishness. Sandow vs. Clay is next.

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