Jason Patrick of recently conducted an interview with current Ring of Honor World TV Champion Adam Cole for WrestleEnigma to discuss his early years in the business with Combat Zone Wrestling, his show stealing performance with Kyle O'Reilly at "Best In The World 2012," the injury he sustained during the match and much more. Here are some highlights:

On the "hybrid fighting rules" match from Best In The World: "That was a concept that Ring of Honor had come up with, for me and Kyle to get in there in New York with an interesting stipulation. I know certainly there were some people who weren't too high on the idea of the match, but fortunately I think everyone seemed to enjoy it.

"It certainly was the toughest match of my career, with those who have seen the match or the pictures know what my face went through. But in turn it brought out a different side in Adam Cole, and NYC really took to that. At this moment it's got to be the proudest moment of my wrestling career (even with the busted face haha)."

On the facial injury he suffered during the bout: "I didn't really know how bad the cut was, or how much blood I was losing, until I collapsed on the mat after me and Kyle had exchanged, and I immediately began choking on my own blood.

"It felt very warm, and I then began to notice the puddle of blood that was forming on the mat. It was certainly a scary situation, but there was never a point where I wanted to quit or stop. When that doctor came out to check on me, and I told him he's not getting anywhere near me, that was as real as it gets."

On the rumor WWE had attempted to sign him, but ROH blocked it: "I was very flattered by the Internet rumor, but that's all it was, a rumor. No WWE contract was offered to me, and ROH certainly didn't block me from signing with them. I certainly don't fault anyone who made the report, because I'm sure the source that they had was very convincing. However, like I stated WWE never offered me any kind of deal."

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