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Gold Rush Quarter-Final: Michael McGillicutty vs. Justin Gabriel

They go back and forth with hammerlocks. Gabriel hits a nice shoulder tackle and an armdrag into an armbar. Gabriel gets 2. The crowd chants, 'not so perfect at McGillicutty,' for obvious reasons. Gabriel shows some nice athleticism and bounces right out of a suplex with one of his own.


McGillicutty stands over Gabriel as we return as he talks trash and hits him with punches; Gabriel fights back from his knees. Gabriel ducks a clothesline and they collide in mid-air. Jim Ross tells us that if they both get counted down, they both are out of the tournament. They both get up and Gabriel hits some kicks to take his opponent down. Gabriel hits a springboard crossbody for 2.

Gabriel goes up top but McGillicutty quickly rolls out of the way and Gabriel climbs back down. Sit-down powerbomb by Gabriel for 2. McGillicutty applies an inside-cradle then quickly transitions into a Perfect Plex for 2. Gabriel misses with the springboard moonsault and McGillicutty catches him with a running neckbreaker and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Michael McGillicutty


Kassius Ohno vs. CJ Parker

They jockey for position; Parker makes two quick pin attempts; Ohno goes out to regroup. Ohno uses the ring apron to get the advantage on the way in and kicks him in the head. Ohno hits a flying punch in the corner. Ohno is slow and methodical as he counters a sunset-flip attempt and continues with kicks to the head. Parker catches a boot and counters with a clothesline. Parker goes for a knee in the corner but is cut off by a big boot from Ohno. Ohno repeatedly drives Parker's face into the mat and hits a rolling elbow to the back of his head for the win.

Winner by pin: Kassius Ohno

We go to interview footage from last week. Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan are ecstatic over their win over Hunico & Camacho. They say they are now a team and if given the opportunity, they will win every time.

-The Ascension Vignette


Tamina Snuka & Paige vs. Kaitlyn & Caylee Turner

Caylee starts off with Tamina who overpowers Caylee; Caylee tags Kaitlyn. They do a test of strength and Kaitlyn drops Tamina on her head. Tamina comes back with a nice dropkick. Caylee jumps off the apron so as not to get tagged in. Tamina hits a couple of armdrags and tags Paige. Kaitlyn regains offense and tags Caylee in. Paige gets a couple near-falls and tags Tamina. They hit a double clothesline on Caylee.

Caylee escapes with a tag to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn hits a series of dropkicks and gets a 1 count on Tamina. She tags Caylee back in and she applies a side headlock. Tamina escapes with a Samoan Drop. She tags Paige back in who hits a fall-away slam on Caylee but Kaitlyn breaks the count. Paige applies a small-package on Caylee for the win.

Winners by pin: Tamina & Paige

Derrick Bateman makes a half-a**ed attempt at congratulating Bo Dallas backstage, for qualifying for the Gold Rush, while Dallas stretches for his match with Jinder Mahal.


Gold Rush Quarter-Final: Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal

They lock-up and Dallas gets the first take-down. Mahal hits some strikes in the corner and goes out to regroup after several counters by Dallas.


Mahal is back in control in the ring. He hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Mahal drops knees on the sternum in the ropes. Dallas fights back with clotheslines. He takes Mahal down for 2. Mahal hits an inverted slam for two consecutive near-falls. Dallas hits a bulldog off the ropes for 2. Mahal measures Dallas for a big knee but Dallas had it scouted and side-steps. Mahal catches Dallas' throat in the ropes and hits a faceplant into a Camel Clutch for the win.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal

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