TNA Impact Results: Final 'Hardcore Justice' Hype, New Matches Made, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Winner by pin: Miss Tessmacher

Earl Hebner raises Tessmacher's arm for what seems to be a long time and they talk. Madison Rayne's music hits and she comes down and plants one on Hebner and he falls out.

-Joseph Park talks about previous legal victories.

-Aries and Roode make their way to the Impact Zone.


-Kenny King's pin over Zema Ion from last week

-Kenny King video package

Sting makes his way to the ring. A table is set-up. Sting invites Aces & 8's to the ring. He moves on and invites Roode and Aries to the ring.

Aries displays his title and takes a seat. Roode refuses to sit down and Sting asks him what is up with his attitude. Roode asks if Sting's stupid. He says the contract is his problem. He says the contract states that if he loses to Aries then he doesn't get a rematch as long as Aries is champ. Roode says Sting has it out for him. Roode says if the language doesn't change, there will be no main event this Sunday.

Aries tells him to stop whining. He says he's worried about a rematch clause because he knows Aries has his number. Aries says they don't need a contract, they can make a verbal agreement. He proposes that if Roode beats him then he will also forfeit his rematch clause. Sting tells them to shake on it. Each man shakes hands with Sting.

Roode takes off his coat and starts throwing things and Aries comically mocks his temper and shadows him. Roode offers his hand and Aries shakes it. Aries raises the belt CM Punk-style and Roode throws water in his face and runs away. Aries turns the table over but Sting holds him back.

-Storm and Bully make their way to the Impact Zone.


-Backstage in an interview package, Chavo says he's here to beat the best. Kid Kash says Chavo's a cheater.

-Kash & Gunner will face Chavo & Hernandez this Sunday at Hardcore Justice.

-Kenny King will face Zema Ion for the TNA X-Division Title.

-Miss Tessmacher will face Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Title

-BFG Falls Count Anywhere Match for 20 points: RVD, Anderson, Pope, Magnus

-BFG Tables Match for 20 points: Hardy, Storm, Bully, Robbie E.

-BFG Ladder Match for 20 points: Styles, Angle, Daniels, Samoa Joe

BFG Series: Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Both men look behind them for Aces & 8's. Storm hits clotheslines but is unable to take Bully off his feet. Bully hits a big boot and knocks Storm down then tosses him out.


Storm avoids an elbowdrop on the mat. Bully Ray catches him with a boot to the gut and applies a leg lock. Storm reverses it and Bully reaches the ropes. Bully hits a clothesline for 2. Bully hits punches to the head. Storm mounts a comeback with a series of rights and a neckbreaker. Back bodydrop by Storm. Bully launches Storm onto the apron but gets a kick to the back of the head. Bully hits a Rock Bottom for 2.

Storm fights out of a full nelson and goes up top for a cross body and gets 2. Storm comes off the top and misses with an elbowdrop. Bully hits the Bubba Bomb and gets 2. Bully misses with a back-splash off the top. Storm hits a Codebreaker but Bully avoids the Last Call. Bully hits the RKO for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Bully Ray

Bully grabs his chain in anticipation of Aces & 8's. He asks Storm where they are. He says send for them.

Aces & 8's appear on the screen and they tell Bully he will see more of them at the PPV.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off below.

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