Re-Post: 'Impact Wrestling' Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: 'Impact Wrestling' Results With Tons Of Video Photo Credit: 1 Raiders Fan
We begin with a video recap of the Claire & AJ and Aces & 8's storylines.


Bully Ray comes to the ring as he pulls out his 'Twitter machine.' He demands a mic and asks if we know who he is. He says he's the leader of the Bully Nation. He says Joseph Park taught him that if there's enough evidence against someone, then they're guilty. He says Storm is guilty of being involved with Aces & 8's and tonight he will defeat Storm and get his 7 points in the BFG Series. Storm's music hits.

Storm says had nothing to do with the attacks because he is more concerned with winning his title back. He draws an imaginary line in the ring and says he will give Bully to the count of 3 to do something. He does and Bully backs out onto the apron.

They are interrupted by the masked men on the big screen and their voices have been distorted. They say they are impressed with Sting issuing them an open invitation but they are going to do it on their time.

Bully gets in the ring and accuses Storm again. They cut him off to a sudden commercial.


They re-play the Aces & 8's video from moments ago.

Backstage, The Pope talks about his BFG Series match at Hardcore Justice this Sunday.

-BFG Series Leaderboard: Storm is in the lead with 66, followed by Samoa Joe with 53. Kurt Angle is 3rd with 41 and Mr. Anderson with 40.

Mr. Anderson has joined commentary.

BFG Series: RVD vs. Magnus

They trade holds and go to a stalemate. Magnus clotheslines RVD over the top. Magnus follows and puts the boots to him. Magnus throws him back in and gets 2. Magnus catches RVD and slams him for another 2. RVD hits a kick to the head and springs off the ropes for another kick to the head. RVD hits a Superkick but is caught with a clothesline in the corner.

RVD hits a 5 Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: RVD

Bobby Roode comments in the locker room on the contract-signing between him and Austin Aries. He says there may not be one because there is some language in the contract that his lawyers object to.


-Claire's baby shower from last week

TNA Tag Team Championship: Garett Bischoff & Devon vs. Kazarian & Daniels (c)

Devon starts off with Kaz and quickly tags Garett. Kaz tags Daniels in and Garett gets 2. Devon tags back in and drops a big leg for 2. Garett tags back in and they double team Daniels. Kazarian distracts Garett from the apron and Daniels capitalizes. Kazarian tags in and gets 2. More quick tags from the champs.

Garett manages a tag to Devon who cleans house. Devon hits a Rock Bottom on Kazarian and tosses Daniels out. Devon hits a spear on Kaz and a spinebuster on Daniels. Kaz uses the belt behind the ref's back and Daniels gets the pin.

Winners by pin and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Daniels & Kazarian

-video of Sting and Brooke's meeting from last week

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