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We are in Houston, TX. Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel returns tonight with special guest, Dolph Ziggler. Lilian Garcia introduces the new GM and hometown boy, Booker T. He comes out in a tuxedo and with his hair pulled back. He does a Spin-A-Rooni to some cheers. He plays to the hometown crowd some and says, "Houston, we have a problem." He shows a video of Sheamus stealing Del Rio's car from RAW. Booker laughs about the ordeal but says Sheamus crossed the line. He wants Sheamus to come out and apologize. (Déja vu?)

Sheamus comes out and says he had lots of fun in Del Rio's car. He says if you do the crime then you have to do the time. He apologizes to Booker, the fans, and Del Rio.

Del Rio comes out with Ricardo and calls Sheamus a peasant and a criminal. He has filed a police report. Booker tells him if he files charges then Booker won't be able to defend his title at SummerSlam. Del Rio says he doesn't care. Sheamus says they don't have to wait for the PPV. He wants to have a title match tonight. Del Rio says his head tells him to wait but he agrees. Booker says, "Can you dig that, Sucka?"

-Sin Cara faces Cody Rhodes next.


Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody cuts a promo on Sin Cara on his way to the ring. He says he knows what it's like to wear a mask and he knows why Sin Cara wears one: because he's ugly. The lights go down and here we go. Sin Cara hits a leg-scissor take-down and Cody goes out to regroup. Sin Cara tries to give chase but Cody stops him on the apron and tries to remove his mask.

Sin Cara springs off the ropes but Cody catches him with a dropkick and gets 1. Cody works him over and draws the ire of the crowd. Cody is preoccupied with removing Sin Cara's mask. Sin Cara hits a springboard reverse elbow and an armdrag off the ropes. He hits a crossbody to Cody off the top and gets 2. Cody lays him out and complains about the lights. Cody goes for the mask again and Sin Cara rolls him up for the win.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

Sin Cara tugs on his mask and waves his finger, "no."

-graphic for the World Title match tonight

Daniel Bryan walks around backstage yelling "No!" at random people.


-Wade Barrett vignette

Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and yells "No!" at the fans and they respond with "Yes!" Cole says Bryan is going to have a meltdown. Bryan says he's more than just a catchphrase. He is a former World Champion and deserves to be in the WWE Championship match at SummerSlam. He says AJ left him at the alter and has ruined his reputation and also put him in a match with Kane at SummerSlam. Kane's pyro goes off.

Before they can do anything AJ comes out. She says SmackDown is where they first met and Booker T. asked her to be a guest. She tells Kane it's good to see him. She tells Bryan that if he's so psychologically stable, then to prove it. She wants him to shake Kane's hand. He chants, "No!" Bryan reluctantly reaches out and Kane hits him with an upper cut after AJ winks at him and leaves up the ramp.

Kane and Bryan brawl in the ring. Kane kicks him out of the ring and gives chase but Bryan runs into the crowd and gets away. AJ laughs on the stage and Kane makes his pyro go off. AJ sits on the stage and she and Kane stare at each other.

Teddy Long and Booker T. talk backstage and they are interrupted by Reks & Hawkins. Booker talks them up but says they need to step it up. They couldn't get the job done against Ryback. Booker makes them leave.


-RAW promo

Jinder Mahal vs. Two Jobbers

Jinder cuts a split screen pre-recorded promo and tells Ryback to watch closely how he defeats his two opponents faster than he can fathom. The jobbers have to tag in and out. Mahal hits two moves and applies the Camel Clutch for the super-quick win.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal

Mahal brings in the other guy and lays him on top of his partner and does a double Camel Clutch. Ryback comes out and Mahal retreats. Ryback then puts both men on his back and delivers his finisher and chants "Feed me more!" as Mahal looks on from the stage.

-Highlight Reel is next


Jericho is in the ring for the Highlight Reel. He welcomes us to the show for the first time in two years. He is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who says she is here to speak on Ziggler's behalf. Jericho says he has no problem interviewing Ziggler's mother. They trade "Excuse Me!" chants. Vickie threatens to walk off his show. He pretends to be hurt by the news and then tells her, to "Get the hell out of here." He says he is kidding and asks her why she's so angry all the time.

Jericho sends to the JeriTron 6000 and shows footage of Alex Riley pinning Ziggler on Monday and his Tout video of the incident. He says Ziggler can't even win the little one. He puts Riley over and insults Vickie's hair. Vickie says Ziggler will prove at SummerSlam that Jericho has lost his touch. Jericho says his legacy speaks for itself but says maybe it's time to bring back Y2J. Jericho says, "Y2J is back, bay-bay!"

Ziggler comes out of nowhere and tries to attack Y2J from behind with the briefcase but Jericho ducks and lays him out. Vickie slaps Y2J and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag from behind and stands over him. He begs Y2J to get up and he clocks him in the head with the briefcase. Vickie laughs on the mic and says, "Who's your mother now?"

-Cole and Matthews discuss what we just saw and show a video of Del Rio and Sheamus from the opening segment.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston come out in suits.


Kofi and Truth join commentary.

AW comes out, in what turned out to be his curtain call, and introduces The Prime Time Players.

Epico & Primo come out, sans Rosa.

#1 Contender's Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The Prime Time Players vs. Epico & Primo

Young starts with Epico. Truth talks about spiders on commentary. Titus tags himself in and goes back and forth with Epico and quickly tags Young back in. Epico escapes and tags Primo. Primo hits a big clothesline and counters a Tilt-A-Whirl into a nice DDT. Titus breaks the cover and gets a dropkick from Epico. AW sees his team is in trouble and throws a cup of water on Truth and Kofi and they chase him in the ring. Primo hits a splash off the top and has Young pinned but Truth and Kofi put the boots to AW and the ref calls for the bell. Epico & Primo confront them and ask what they are doing. Lilian Garcia announces the disqualification.

Winners by disqualification: The Prime Time Players


Antonio Cesaro and Aksana come to the ring; they hold the ropes open for each other. Cesaro wants to speak in 5 different languages again; tonight's word is "victory." They kiss and Christian's music hits.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Christian

Christian tosses Cesaro out and slides under the ropes but Cesaro side-steps and pushes him into the steps. He sends Christian back in and gets 2. Cesaro hits a gutwrench suplex and gets another 2. Cesaro jumps out of the ring and hits a European Uppercut. Cesaro comes off the ropes in the corner but Christian catches him with a double boot to the face. Counters from both men; Christian comes off the corner with a springboard sunset flip for 2.

Christian hits a big right hand and comes off the ropes for a crossbody but Cesaro catches him and delivers a fall-away slam into a bridge for 2. Christian fights out of the corner and goes for the Kill Switch but Cesaro counters. Cesaro goes for the gutwrench again but Christian gets out and drops him with an inverted DDT and calls for the spear. Cesaro scouts the spear and throws Christian in the air and delivers his super-impressive Mortal Kombat Fatality-style uppercut. Christian kicks out and Cesaro can't believe it. Christian counters Cesaro's Gotch-Style Neutralizer and hits the spear for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian

Christian celebrates on the second rope and is distracted by Aksana on the apron and Cesaro pushes him off and Christian falls to the outside. Cesaro rams Christian's back into the guardrail and he squirms in pain. Cesaro and Aksana leave up the ramp.


-RAW Rebound

-CM Punk vs. Big Show kicks off RAW this Monday @ 8pm.

Eve is in Booker's office and she wants to know if any positions have opened up. Booker says there are no jobs. Teddy brings in Kaitlyn and she wants a job. Booker says if Teddy referred her, she's got the job. Eve can't believe it and says Teddy has it out for her and she is more qualified. She threatens to tell the Board about Booker's discriminatory hiring practices. Booker makes a match between Kaitlyn and Eve next week for the job. They all agree.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring.


Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

Miz backs Rey into the corner and lands some strikes. Rey fights back but Miz catches him in mid-air and drops Rey across is knee and tosses him out under the bottom rope; Rey lands face-first on the floor. Miz brings him back in and gets 2. Rey fights out of a headlock and comes off and slingshots off the ropes but Miz catches him with a clothesline from his knees.

Miz charges in and hits his patented clothesline in the corner. Miz goes up top and comes off with an axe-handle but Rey catches him with a dropkick. Rey comes off the top with a split-leg and lands on Miz' sternum. They counter each other; Rey hits a big kick to a seated Miz for 2. Rey goes up top but is stopped. Miz hits a big boot for 2.

Miz runs the ropes and attempts a kick to a seated Rey but Rey ducks on his back and sends Miz into the ropes with a head scissors and goes for the 619 but Miz catches him in the ropes and knees him in the gut. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Rey rolls through for the 3.

Winner by pin: Rey Mysterio

-Sheamus and Del Rio make their separate ways to the arena.


Del Rio comes out in an Aston Martin. Sheamus comes out and we get formal ring introductions. The ref shows the title and before the bell rings, several police officers come down the ramp. Del Rio grabs a mic and tells them he never filed that report. He tells them to stop because he wants his title match. The cops get on the apron and Del Rio yells, "Go!" Sheamus starts to fight them off and Cole says they are not cops. Sheamus lays them all out and stands tall in front of Del Rio. Del Rio charges him and Sheamus powers him into the corner.

Ricardo jumps on Sheamus' back and the "cops" attack and restrain him. Del Rio pulls them off and has them hold Sheamus up. Del Rio slaps Sheamus and talks trash to him. Del Rio glares at the crowd and they "boo." Del Rio hits and Enzuigiri and tells the "cops" to leave. Del Rio stands over Sheamus and calls him a dog in Spanish. Sheamus struggles and crawls up Del Rio's legs. Del Rio applies the Cross Arm-Breaker then releases and glares at the crowd with intensity.

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