WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video: Del Rio Gets Revenge, Y2J Returns, More

Winners by disqualification: The Prime Time Players


Antonio Cesaro and Aksana come to the ring; they hold the ropes open for each other. Cesaro wants to speak in 5 different languages again; tonight's word is "victory." They kiss and Christian's music hits.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Christian

Christian tosses Cesaro out and slides under the ropes but Cesaro side-steps and pushes him into the steps. He sends Christian back in and gets 2. Cesaro hits a gutwrench suplex and gets another 2. Cesaro jumps out of the ring and hits a European Uppercut. Cesaro comes off the ropes in the corner but Christian catches him with a double boot to the face. Counters from both men; Christian comes off the corner with a springboard sunset flip for 2.

Christian hits a big right hand and comes off the ropes for a crossbody but Cesaro catches him and delivers a fall-away slam into a bridge for 2. Christian fights out of the corner and goes for the Kill Switch but Cesaro counters. Cesaro goes for the gutwrench again but Christian gets out and drops him with an inverted DDT and calls for the spear. Cesaro scouts the spear and throws Christian in the air and delivers his super-impressive Mortal Kombat Fatality-style uppercut. Christian kicks out and Cesaro can't believe it. Christian counters Cesaro's Gotch-Style Neutralizer and hits the spear for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian

Christian celebrates on the second rope and is distracted by Aksana on the apron and Cesaro pushes him off and Christian falls to the outside. Cesaro rams Christian's back into the guardrail and he squirms in pain. Cesaro and Aksana leave up the ramp.


-RAW Rebound

-CM Punk vs. Big Show kicks off RAW this Monday @ 8pm.

Eve is in Booker's office and she wants to know if any positions have opened up. Booker says there are no jobs. Teddy brings in Kaitlyn and she wants a job. Booker says if Teddy referred her, she's got the job. Eve can't believe it and says Teddy has it out for her and she is more qualified. She threatens to tell the Board about Booker's discriminatory hiring practices. Booker makes a match between Kaitlyn and Eve next week for the job. They all agree.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring.


Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

Miz backs Rey into the corner and lands some strikes. Rey fights back but Miz catches him in mid-air and drops Rey across is knee and tosses him out under the bottom rope; Rey lands face-first on the floor. Miz brings him back in and gets 2. Rey fights out of a headlock and comes off and slingshots off the ropes but Miz catches him with a clothesline from his knees.

Miz charges in and hits his patented clothesline in the corner. Miz goes up top and comes off with an axe-handle but Rey catches him with a dropkick. Rey comes off the top with a split-leg and lands on Miz' sternum. They counter each other; Rey hits a big kick to a seated Miz for 2. Rey goes up top but is stopped. Miz hits a big boot for 2.

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