WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video: Del Rio Gets Revenge, Y2J Returns, More

Miz runs the ropes and attempts a kick to a seated Rey but Rey ducks on his back and sends Miz into the ropes with a head scissors and goes for the 619 but Miz catches him in the ropes and knees him in the gut. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Rey rolls through for the 3.

Winner by pin: Rey Mysterio

-Sheamus and Del Rio make their separate ways to the arena.


Del Rio comes out in an Aston Martin. Sheamus comes out and we get formal ring introductions. The ref shows the title and before the bell rings, several police officers come down the ramp. Del Rio grabs a mic and tells them he never filed that report. He tells them to stop because he wants his title match. The cops get on the apron and Del Rio yells, "Go!" Sheamus starts to fight them off and Cole says they are not cops. Sheamus lays them all out and stands tall in front of Del Rio. Del Rio charges him and Sheamus powers him into the corner.

Ricardo jumps on Sheamus' back and the "cops" attack and restrain him. Del Rio pulls them off and has them hold Sheamus up. Del Rio slaps Sheamus and talks trash to him. Del Rio glares at the crowd and they "boo." Del Rio hits and Enzuigiri and tells the "cops" to leave. Del Rio stands over Sheamus and calls him a dog in Spanish. Sheamus struggles and crawls up Del Rio's legs. Del Rio applies the Cross Arm-Breaker then releases and glares at the crowd with intensity.

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