TNA Hardcore Justice Results: New Champion Crowned, Aries Vs. Roode, More

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We go to the ring and out first comes Robbie E. by himself. Bully Ray is out next with his chain. He's looking around, paranoid about Aces & 8s. Out next comes Jeff Hardy followed by James Storm.

The match starts with some arguing. Ray strikes Robbie first and then he gets hit by Storm and Hardy. Storm and Hardy toss Robbie out of the ring. They turn around to a double clothesline from Ray. Ray goes back and forth from Hardy and Storm now. Ray yells out to Robbie and wants him to bring a table in the ring. Ray plays friends with Robbie but knocks him off the apron after he brings the table in. Ray sets the table up but Hardy and Storm beat him down. They go to double suplex Ray through the table but Robbie moves the table. Part of the table actually breaks but the match goes on. Robbie takes down Storm and works on Ray.

Robbie drops Hardy with an elbow to the chest. Ray slides a table in but Robbie kicks him back to the floor. Robbie sets a table up and knocks Ray back off the apron. Robbie works on Storm now before going back to Hardy. Robbie puts Hardy on the table and hits him with punches. Robbie goes to the second rope but Storm decks him. Storm climbs up for a superplex but Hardy cuts him off. Hardy goes to powerbomb both of them through the table but Ray moves it out of the way and they all three go down as Ray looks on. Ray clotheslines Hardy and is back in control.

They go on and Aces & 8s come out while Bully Ray is in control. Superkick from Storm to Bully Ray. Aces & 8s give Storm the thumbs up. Hardy runs in and takes Storm down. Hardy sets up a table in the middle of the ring and tries to put Storm on it. Storm fights back, Hardy hits flip off the top rope. The two are batteling back and forth. Hardy hits Twist of Hate. Aces come back to the ring to distract Hardy. Storm hits last call. Bully comes in tosses Storm out of the ring and puts Hardy through the table for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

TNA X Division Title Match: Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

Lots of back and forth action to start the match. King goes for an early backslide pin and more near falls. King with a submission now. Ion turns it aorund in the corner but misses a big kick. King knocks Ion out to the floor and follows. They fight on the apron and King goes back to the floor. Ion leaps out onto him and takes him out. Ion brings King back in the ring and hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ion with more offense.

Ion goes for a moonsault but lands on King's knees. King hits a couple of big clotheslines and rights hands. King sends Ion into the ropes and hits a huge spinning kick that's good for a two count. King charges into a back elbow, but launches Ion into the corner with a big suplex. Ion falls to the outside, so King jumps over the top with a twisting body press over the top. King sends Ion back into the ring and heads up to the apron. King hits a springboard blockbuster, but can't keep Ion down for two. King shoulders Ion but Ion fights out. Ion backs King into the corner, but King fights out. King locks on a single leg Boston crab.
Ion fights out of it with a kick and charges into a big boot from King in the corner. King misses a spin kick, and Ion connects with a crazy facebuster across his own knee for another near fall. Ion positions King and heads up in the corner. King stops him with a big right. King heads up after Ion but is thrown off. King lands on his feet and kicks Ion in the back of the head for another two count. King hits Ion with an enzugiri and rolls Ion up for another two. King charges into Ion in the corner, but whatever he did is sloppily reversed by Ion. Amazingly, that's the end of the match, as Ion gets the three.

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