PWInsider is reporting that Kevin Steen attacking two fans at last night's ROH iPPV was a work. According to the report, the two fans attacked are students of Bob Evans. reader Rob sent in this report from last night's iPPV, basically confirming that the angle was a work:

I was ringside for ROH Boiling Point last night. While the Steen incident looked very legit, there are a few things to be aware of. One, that the area was right where the main camera was and only a foot from the Prince NaNa spot. After the spot, the refs were still acting like refs as Jimmy Jacobs still taunted the downed fans. Security made no attempt to clear the area. The refs finally jumped over and helped the downed fans to their feet. Finally one uniformed person came over and walked to the back of the room with the refs carrying the fans. They all paused for a sec before going out a side door. This whole incident took any applause and respect away from Eddie Kingston, as he walked out with fans glued to the Steen assault.

Cary Silkin also thanking fans on the way out, and was not backstage flipping out.

After the show, we ran into some ROH wrestlers at a bar, who were all very respectful including Roderick Strong, Nigel and Eddie Edwards, and no one seemed the least bit concerned over what Steen did. In what was a very funny moment, Strong was eating food off other peoples plates and pissing one waitress off.

Great wrestling crowd, the crowd popped for everything. Brutal Bob was very over with the crowd. Most of the matches were very good live too.

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