Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video
WWE RAW opens up with the new intro video. We're live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. He's joined by Jerry Lawler.

CM Punk vs. Big Show

We go right to the ring and out comes WWE Champion CM Punk for a non-title match. Out next comes Big Show as the announcers hype SummerSlam.

They lock up and Show overpowers him. Punk fights back and takes Show to the corner with lefts and rights. Show overpowers again and turns it around. Punk with kicks now. Show stops him with a big headbutt. Show chokes Punk on the ropes now. They go to the corner again and Show connects with a big chop to the chest. Show continues the assault on Punk and walks on top of him. Show stands on Punk's head now.

Show with another big chop to the chest. Punk fights back and staggers Show with a dropkick. Show stops him with another headbutt and a big scoop slam. Show goes to work on Punk's arm and shoulder now. Punk starts another comeback. Show misses a splash in the corner and Punk connects with the high knee. Show blocks the bulldog and spears Punk. Daniel Bryan's music hits and out he comes.

Bryan comes out ranting about how he will make Punk tap out. He thinks he should be wrestling the WWE Champion at SummerSlam and not Kane. Show hits Punk with a big sideslam and goes to the top. Punk kicks him down and springboards in with a clothesline. Punk with a 2 count. Bryan rushes the ring and attacks Punk for the DQ.

Winner by DQ: CM Punk

- After the bell, Bryan applies the No Lock on Punk and won't let go. Show takes advantage and drops an elbow on Punk while he's down. John Cena runs down and clotheslines Show out of the ring. Bryan attacks Cena but gets dumped out to the floor. Cena cleans house as Punk looks on. RAW General Manager AJ Lee comes skipping out to the ring. AJ says Daniel is clearly still dealing with anger management issues and he will make it up to everyone for ruining this match. AJ announces Bryan and Show vs. Punk and Cena for later tonight. AJ skips away as Cena and Punk argue in the ring.

- Still to come tonight, a contract signing between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and JTG is backstage with Kaitlyn. He's complaining about not being able to get a match on a three-hour show. AJ walks by and wonders if he's trying to say she's not doing a good job. JTG gets quiet now as AJ questions him. AJ tells JTG to get to the ring now and she will find him an opponent. He walks off and she's left with Kaitlyn. She asks if Kaitlyn thinks she's unstable. Kaitlyn can think of many words to describe AJ but unstable isn't one of them, she says.

- Cole and Lawler hype tonight's big tag match.

JTG vs. Ryback

We go to the ring and out comes JTG. Cole brings up JTG's Twitter rant from last week. Out comes his opponent Ryback. Ryback has a new theme song this week.

The bell rings and they lock up. Ryback shoves JTG off and backs him into the ropes. They go at it and JTG hits right hands. Ryback catches him with a belly to belly and runs over him with a big boot. Ryback slams JTG's head on the mat a few times and drops him with a big powerbomb. The crowd chants Feed Me More as Ryback gets ready. He nails the big clothesline and then hits Shellshocked for the win.

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