Despite apologizing to WWE and TNA fans earlier tonight for lashing out at WWE Champion CM Punk for his recent comments about TNA being akin to an indy league, Kurt Angle took back to his Twitter to call out Punk just hours later.

"Who Wants to See Angle vs. Punk?," Angle wrote. "It would Last 30 Secs. Lol. Just Kidding. I'm not Mad anymore. Punk, Ur Safe Now... Put It to Rest. Angle vs. Punk will Happen. Tna or Wwe. I Hope Tna. We'll See. U tough Punk?

"If Tna is an Indy Company, then Why Do I Make More $ than Punk Does in Wwe? I'm just Saying."

Angle later deleted those tweets, but not before reader #1 Raider's Fan was able to capture them. You can check the deleted tweets out below:

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