CM Punk Talks Steve Austin, Samoa Joe, WWE Title Design, Facing John Cena Or The Rock & More

"I think wrestling was made for social media. How many people have ever brought a sign to a wrestling show? Why do you bring signs? Because you either want the wrestlers to see it or you want to go home and watch it on TV and be like, 'There I am, there's my sign. Yes!'

"That, to me, is what Twitter is, that's what Tout is. It bring you into our world and it makes you a part of the show. Obviously, there are some bugs to work out. I would prefer not to hear 'Tout' every ten seconds on Raw, but that's just me. There's a lot of good in it and we just like to over-do things some time."

On who he thinks the worst wrestling in the business is: "I got this question in Philadelphia and I think in Philly, I said it was Elijah Burke. I'm not on a crusade to bash anybody, it's just from my experience working with him, he never got it. I don't know, maybe he's improved. I haven't seen him work in quite some time.

"That's, I guess, my stock answer. I mean, I could say Lex Luger. ... Shockmaster was alright, man. You remember him, right? ... Sorry, Elijah, it's nothing personal. You just kind of stink."

On his most embarrassing moment in the ring: "Off the top of my head? You know my entrance, where I come up with one foot on the top (rope) and one foot on the middle (rope) and I scream a bunch of jibberish? It was a dark match, thankfully, but I know it's going to come back to haunt me because this stuff always does. We record everything.

"I got up to do that and Cena was standing in the corner. As I jumped up, my foot just didn't touch the top rope and it shot out from under me and I legitimately crotched myself. I was just laughing too hard and I just blamed it on John. That was up there."

On whether or not he will face Steve Austin at the upcoming WrestleMania: "Well, I think he just had knee surgery, so that should answer your question. ... I can't speak for Steve, nor would I want to. I can only speak for me. Rock comes back and says he wants a shot at the title, I'll take on The Rock. If Steve wants to come back and take me around the block, I will gladly, gladly do that."

On what independent star he would like to see in WWE: "Samoa Joe. ... You said indie scene, didn't you?"

On JTG's recent tirade on Twitter: "He's hiding behind Twitter. I guarantee you he didn't go backstage and say any of those things. To come out a do it on Twitter is kind of weak. There's a billion people backstage that you can go and air your grievances to say the guy that went and did it on live TV. That's nothing I wasn't saying to Vince to his face for months.

"I think there's a lot of room and upwards mobility there. I don't think complaining on Twitter is going to make it any better."

On whether or not he'd be interested in taking on The Undertaker at WrestleMania: "Yeah, I would. But, the funny thing about that is that it's almost a foregone conclusion. It would be an uphill and I love challenges but -- 20-0 is a nice round number. I don't know if he wants to go 21-0 or 22-0."

You can check out the entire Q&A below.

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