AW's firing last week was a hot topic at WWE live events last weekend. Most were very concerned with the firing initially, and felt that it was another double standard. Many noted that some of the top stars have gotten away with doing much worse (like trashing rooms, wellness issues, etc.), and yet a mid-carder gets fired for something that they feel should have been a warning, not a termination.

Of course, that was last week. Backstage at RAW this past Monday, a source told me that most people had lost their heated feelings for the subject and were talking about other stuff.

There was a talent meeting held before Monday's RAW, as reported first by The Wrestling Observer earlier this week. Talent were told to use common sense when using social media, and the company pushed that they are PG programming.

A source described the meeting to me as a "farce," which likely hurt morale more than it helped. Some people were critical because no one spoke up during the meeting, but most understood that you really can't in that situation. It was said that the meeting further added to the "demoralizing feeling of midcard/lower card helplessness" among many talents.

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