Thanks to reader Whicker for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Ottumwa, Iowa:

Just got back from the TNA House show in Ottumwa, Iowa. House was about 80% full. Did the meet and greet, got to meet James Storm, Chavo Guerrero, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Magnus and Gail Kim. They did a special where for $10.00, you could buy a Brooke Tessmacher tapestry and get it signed and your picture taken with her. Did that as well. My ol' lady is a Jeff Hardy Fan, so for $20.00 a piece you could buy the Twin Pack Jeff Hardy/AJ Syles Action figures and get them autographed. While we were in line for that, they started selling $50.00 VIP Backstage passes where you could meet the rest of the guys (RVD, Roode, Angle and Aries) By the time we were done with the Jeff Hardy signing, they had sold out of VIP. They only had 20. On with the matches...

Kurt Angle won an over the top rope battle royal for the chance to meet Aries later in the night. Bobby Roode (who was not allowed to participate since he lost at the PPV) came in and speared RVD while the ref was distracted, and Angle threw RVD over.

Miss Tessmacher retained against Gail Kim.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Magnus with the Frog Splash. Lots of cheers for Chavo.

Daniels & Kaz defeated James Storm and AJ Styles after Kaz nailed AJ with the belt while the ref was outside with Storm and Daniels. Good comedy in this match... Kaz mistakenly had Daniels in an armbar from the apron... while this was going on, Storm walked back to consessions and grabbed a beer! He handed me the bottle after he drank it.

Jeff Hardy came out to speak, and was challenged by one of the members of Aces & Eights. It was the one with the Misfits type mask. Hardy gave him two Twist of Fates and the masked man bailed. My ol' lady got one of Jeff's arm bands... she can die happy now. ;}

Bobby Roode pinned RVD with his feet on the ropes. Good solid match.

Austin Aries beat Kurt Angle with the brainbuster. Angle wrestled heel in this match, but shook hands with Aries after it was over.

Earl Hebner got some heat for his shirt, which referenced the Montreal Screwjob.

After the matches, for $20.00, you could have your picture taken in the ring with Aries.

All in all it was a good show... just wish it wasn't all about the money.

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