- After a vicious assault by Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown, Chris Jericho plans to gain retribution against the curly-mopped grappler when they face off tonight at SummerSlam. As noted earlier, he tweeted, "At #Summerslam there's gonna be no jokes. No insults. Only revenge Ziggler. No jokes. No feel good moments. Just retribution Ziggler. See ya at #Summerslam."

He also enclosed the following Tout, where he says, "Ziggler, I know I've making fun of you about the spaghetti on your head and about the fact that you hang out with your grandmother. But ever since you squished me like a bug on SmackDown, now at SummerSlam, I'm going to shove it right down your throat that I haven't lost my touch."

- Cherokee Indian has an article on former WWE Superstar Marc Mero speaking at Cherokee High School in Canton, Georgia on Thursday evening about his life, family, wrestling and the hardships along the way.

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