JBL Discusses His WWE Run, If His Singles Push Was Rushed, How Eddie Guerrero Helped His Career

WrestlingINC: So did you know your match with Rey at WrestleMania 25 would be your last match far ahead of time?

Layfield: Oh, yeah. I knew for months and I picked Rey out. I wanted to do it in three seconds and that was the original plan. I'm not sure why they changed it. I wanted Rey to come back before and get beat in three seconds. I wanted to do something historic at WrestleMania and with most heels, that usually back fires on you. I thought that was the perfect way for JBL to go out -- just a whining and crying heel that I was. But, it ended up changing the day of and being 20-some seconds. But, I really wanted to put him over just in three seconds.

I couldn't do a match at that point. I couldn't have done 10 or 15 minutes, anyway. So, I wanted to do something and kind of make it a unique deal for Rey as much as anything then go out. So, yeah, for months I knew that was going to be the last match.

WrestlingINC: Was the thought of going back to commentary an option or did you just want to take some time away from the business?

Layfield: There really wasn't. There's really only two commentary spots that are open and one of them is not open. One of them is Jerry Lawler and he's still a young guy to this day. So, there's really only the Smackdown! commentary job. I forget who was doing commentary at the time. So, really, the option wasn't there and I really just wanted to relax for a while and not travel.

I had traveled my entire adult life at least once a week and many times many times a week for almost 20 years. I was just tired of traveling. I just wanted to relax for a while and do something different. So, that's what I'm doing now.

WrestlingINC: You've been involved in a lot of projects since then. You dabbled in MMA commentary, you have The Layfield Report and now the Summit Climb. How did the idea for The Layfield Report come about?

Layfield: Well, I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I started up this program here in Bermuda, working with what society deems under-privileged kids, at-risk kids. I had an idea to do the seven summits to raise money for the kids that I work for. WWE signed to partner with me on that which was just phenomenal. I wanted to do something to raise awareness. I've always been a news junkie. So, LayfieldReport.com is part of what I want to turn into. Where I can do things to promote sport for change-charities around the world that work with kids like I'm doing.

There's a wonderful group out of London, Yawn Sport, that has about 1,000 charities that they highlight. I wanted to have a way to be able to do that. Also, have a way to be able to help fund the program. So, I'm trying to build up Layfield Report to support my program. If you have a website -- I've got a website called BeyondRugbyBermuda.com but nobody goes to it. [Laughs.] There's no reason to go to it. Layfield Report has all your news and everything. What I can do -- I'm still building on that site -- is I can put stuff about our program.

There's a great program in New York called Play Rugby USA or a great program called Project Alcatraz down in Venezuela. I can do stuff to highlight that within the news, so it's interesting to come on there. But, a lot of LayfieldReport.com -- and it's not finished yet -- was built to help fund the program, hopefully, if I can monetize it. So, I'll be able to raise awareness about the Seven Summits and the charities that work with kids around the world.

You can follow JBL on Twitter @JCLayfield, and you can check out The Layfield Report at this link. You can also get the latest on his training for the "Seven Summits" project by clicking here.

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