JBL Discusses Interest In Returning To Announcing, What Sparked It, RAW 1000, Blanchard, More

I miss being around it, miss being around the guys, miss being around it all. If I never get a change to go back, I'm fine with that. But if I have the chance to do something, then it'd be very tempting. Especially if it's something like Smackdown! where it's on a Tuesday and I still get to spend the weekend with my family.

WrestlingINC: What was that night like, going back for Raw 1,000 with all the guys being there?

Layfield: Coming back was awesome, it was like I had never left as far as being in the locker room with a lot of these guys that I had wrestled with and all. You add the legends, guys that I really idolized like 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and Harley Race was backstage. It was really cool to be back and I wanted to come back for the show. I passed up a deal in London where I was going to be part of a big Rugby thing to do it and I'm really glad I did it.

I wanted to come back as the APA. I wanted to come back with Ron. When they called me asked me to come back, I was really happy about it. Then, when they called me a week before, they asked me if I had any old APA shirts because they couldn't find any at the time. I was really excited that they had decided I was going to come back as part of the APA.

WrestlingINC: When you worked the match with Heath Slater, you seemed really happy with how he sold it, really amused.

Layfield: What a bump he took. There were so many guys who took so many good bumps for me over the years. And hopefully I returned the favor to them. Bully Gunn was unbelievable. Rikishi was unbelievable. X-Pac, Road Dogg, you know. You hit those guys with a clothesline and it looks like you just absolutely destroyed them.

A lot of that had to do with Heath Slater taking a really good bump for an old guy like me. Which is very much appreciated.

WrestlingINC: Tully Blanchard was saying there was an incident between you and him recently. What happened there?

Layfield: When I saw Tully at the [George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling] Hall of Fame [in July], I apologized to him and told him I had respect for him. I hadn't seen him for years and we had an old heat. When I first saw him, I blew up and I shouldn't have done that. He's a legend and I don't think that was very respectful the way I handled that. I apologized to Tully when I saw him at the Hall of Fame.

WrestlingINC: Was the heat when he worked as an agent [for a few days in WWE in 2006]?

Layfield: Yeah, he was an agent for I think Jim Crockett was what it was. And it wasn't a big deal, it just festered in me over the years and probably got blown out of proportion in my mind and I should have handled it a different way. I didn't expect to see him that day, I turn around and there he is. I blew up and shouldn't have done it.

I went straight up to him at the Hall of Fame and I had never apologized to him officially. I apologized to him for doing that. We had a really good chat and we had a good weekend. We talked quite a bit and I really enjoyed mending things with him and being around him.

WrestlingINC: Did you ever find out who got your phone, and was making those Tweets? [details]

Layfield: [Laughs.] I'm not positive it was Jerry Brisco, but I'm positive Jerry Brisco told somebody to do it. Jerry's not a techno-file. He's on Facebook all the time, but he's not a guy who has ever done Twitter. So, he would have had to have some help from someone. So, I have no doubt that Jerry Brisco is the one who directed that Tweet. Which is my fault for leaving the phone out on the table. I should have known better. Rookie mistake.

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