JBL Discusses Interest In Returning To Announcing, What Sparked It, RAW 1000, Blanchard, More

WrestlingINC: You said that you were lucking to be alive. Did that experience change you in any way? What was that like?

Layfield: We actually at one point roped ourselves together and slid down the mountain trying to get ahead of the storm. We slid down probably a thousand feet or more. It was pretty hairy there for a while. If we had gotten stuck up there, we had no sleeping bag or tent up there because we were hoping to make the summit in one day to make it back. Things were not going to be very good for us up there.

As far as changing? No. Ed Viesturs is probably the greatest recent climber, and he said it best: 'The summit is optional, returning is mandatory.' That's the mindset you have to have going in. I was up there, I was the one arguing to keep going. Thank goodness there were some rational people up there who said, 'If we don't turn around now, we're stuck up here.' We still almost got stuck up there on the mountain.

So, it did tell me that you have to pay attention to stuff like that. I would have changed our tactics a little bit. I would have camped at a higher level so we didn't have quite as long of a summit day. That was part of the problem because the snow was soft instead of hard and we were taking a lot longer than what we thought because of the way we were having to travel.

WrestlingINC: What is WWE's involved as I know you put the flag up there. Are they a sponsor or are they involved at all?

Layfield: Yeah. They're my partner in this. They're going to be advertising in this and putting us on their social media. I've gotten a phone right here from WWE where I can upload videos and send them to Stamford where they can keep up with the climb as I'm going. I'm going to try to do a live feed from one of the summits and do a better job of the social media. Their job is to help me and they've got a wonderful social media platform. They're helping me tremendously with the awareness. In the end, we're trying to raise a lot of money for kids.

WrestlingINC: Great luck with the project and your website. Thanks again for the interview.

Layfield: Thank you, I enjoyed it.

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You can follow JBL on Twitter @JCLayfield, and you can check out The Layfield Report at this link. You can also get the latest on his training for the "Seven Summits" project by clicking here.

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