- WWE Classics On Demand, WWE's subscription video on demand television service, is currently airing the April 21, 1998 episode of ECW Hardcore TV, which features a profanity-laced "shoot" promo by Taz. The rotisseried grappler mentions 'Chris Benoit' twice during his spiel, which both times is censored with a bleep sound.

- Tommy Fierro, who is a longtime wrestling promoter and worked for WWE briefly for their WWE Network will be helping ROH set up fundraisers at their live events starting with their 10/6 show in Rahway, NJ. If you're a non-profit group in the NJ area and are looking to learn more about getting involved, you can contact Tommy Fierro at [email protected]

- To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of SummerSlam, WWE.com collected the very best photos from SummerSlam week in Los Angeles, California and filtered them through Instagram. Click here to view the images.

- Eve is featured in today's "Superstar Spotlight" on WWE.com. Click here to see her photos and videos.

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