Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video
-Aces & 8's roll up outside on their motorcycles in a produced video with outlaw-type country music.

-We suddenly cut to a video recap of the past couple of weeks.


It's Open Fight Night.

Sting's music hits and he comes out with Angle, Aries, Bully, and several others. Sting says the gate is wide open so where are they? He shows what has happened at the hands of Aces & 8's via still on the big screen in "graphic detail." The crowd wants Hogan. Sting invites James Storm out and says the "cloud of doubt" has been lifted about him.

Storm gets in the ring and says he was also attacked so why not turn this show into an a**whipping show? Sting says Hogan is pi**ed and he's here.

Two members of Aces & 8's approach through the crowd and Sting lets them get in the ring. They immediately get beat down by the TNA locker room. Angle and Storm unmask the smaller guy and Sting isn't impressed. His mouth is bloodied and Sting puts the mic in his face and he says "Thank you." He says prepare for a "long, painful night" and they continue to beat him.


-Recap of moments ago

Miss Tessmacher comes to the ring.

-video of Taryn Terrell from last week

Tessmacher thanks Brooke Hogan for righting her wrong. Tessmacher calls out Tara. She wants to know if she can beat her mentor and best friend. Tara comes out.

Open Fight Night: Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

Taryn's music hits and she is introduced as the referee. Tenay says she has no agenda. Tessmacher hits an armdrag and Tara applauds her. Tara hits a shoulderblock and Tessmacher's timing is a little off. Tara hits a powerslam for 2. Taryn breaks them up in the corner. Tessmacher hits two hard forearms out of the corner and Tara responds with a huge chop. Tessmacher hits a flurry of offense and hits a faceplant out of the corner. Tessmacher goes up top but Tara meets her and hits the superplex for the win.

Winner by pin: Tara

Tara applauds Tessmacher and they embrace.

-video of Aces & 8's attack on The Pope from Hardcore Justice, They show an x-ray from his Twitter of his broken shoulder

Sting makes a BFG Series match backstage between AJ, RVD, and Robbie E. since Pope is injured.


BFG Series: RVD vs. AJ Styles vs. Robbie E.

RVD and AJ ignore Robbie and he gets in some shots then they double team him out of the ring. RVD goes behind and transitions into a headlock. AJ counters and they trade a nice exchange.

Robbie gets back in and gets taken out again. AJ leapfrogs and hits a nice dropkick on RVD. Robbie attacks AJ from behind with a nasty clothesline and puts the boots to him. Robbie keeps RVD at bay as well. AJ comes back with a big splash in the corner.


Robbie is in control of AJ in the ring. RVD is not in the ring. Robbie keeps him out then goes back to AJ. RVD grabs Robbie's boot and pulls him out of the ring. AJ hits a plancha onto both of them. AJ sends RVD back in and drops him across his knee for 2. AJ takes out Robbie with a clothesline on the apron. RVD hits a kick off the ropes and the Rolling Thunder on AJ, then takes out Robbie with a double leg lariat and a standing moonsault for 2.

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