Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

RVD launches Robbie out and AJ hits an inverted DDT for 2 on RVD. RVD goes up top and fights-off AJ to deliver a 5-Star Frogsplash but he is hurt and rolls off AJ. Robbie capitalizes and pins RVD.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Robbie E.

-Jeff Hardy walks toward the ring.


Jeff Hardy comes to the ring. He says this will not be a BFG match. He calls out Robbie T.

Open Fight Night: Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie T.

Robbie T. comes to the ring all jacked up and immediately takes it to Hardy. He waits for Hardy to get up and gets nailed with an elbow and Whisper in the Wind. Hardy is unable to keep the big man down. He connects with Twist of Fate and goes up top and hits the Swanton for the quick win.

Winner by pin: Jeff Hardy

Hardy celebrates in the ring and throws his sleeves out to the crowd.

-Daniels and Kazarian discuss AJ's paternity test in the back as Daniels sips on his Appletini.


Sting is backstage looking into the camera like a madman daring Aces & 8's. He says he's easy to find as he maniacally disappears into the shadows.

-AJ/Claire storyline recap video

Borash is in the ring with papers in his hand he says it's time to reveal the results of the paternity test, per the stipulations from his match last week. AJ comes to the ring as the crowd chants "Who's your daddy?" AJ says we are about to find out. He apologizes to his friends for what he has put them through. He says he sorry to the fans "who had to put up with this crap." (Wink, Wink) He says something did happen with Claire but he doesn't know what and if he is indeed the father, he will be a man and take care of it. He says if it isn't, then he doesn't want Daniels or Kazarian to ever speak to him again. Borash introduces Claire Lynch to some boos.

Daniels and Kazarian walk out instead and they get in the ring and call AJ selfish. They call the baby his "demon seed." Kazarian calls him an absentee father. Daniels says Claire is not there because she suffered a placental disruption and he wishes her a speedy recovery. Daniels asks AJ if protecting his reputation was worth it.

An older woman in a suit and with a briefcase comes to the ring and says she is Claire's attorney. She reads a statement from her book. It's a confession of AJ's blackmail by Claire. She also confesses to adding sedatives to AJ's cola to render him unconscious. She implicates Daniels and Kazarian. Claire was never even pregnant. Claire hopes that someday AJ will forgive her. The crowd is applauding all of this. Her attorney leaves the ring.

Daniels and Kazarian can't believe it and AJ hits a Pele to Daniels and they escape up the ramp.

-Gut Check vignette: Kris Lewie

-Aces & 8's are approached by Sting backstage. They surround him and Sting does his Joker shtick as Hogan attacks the men from behind as Sting tosses him his bat. Hogan says if they ever look at Brooke again he will cut their heart out and feed it to his dog. Hogan is dressed in all black along with the beard as he snarls like a mad dog and Sting says Hollywood is back!

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