WrestleShark's Simon Cassidy recently caught up with former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page. In this exclusive interview, Dallas dicusses his DDPYoga program, doctors telling him his career was over, why so many wrestlers are taking up the system, training with MMA Fighters and whether or not he would ever return to action. Here are some highlights:

How he became involved with Yoga: "I was the guy who wouldn't have been caught dead doing yoga for the first 42 years of my life. Then I ruptured my L4 and L5 [in my back], at the end of 1998 going into '99, and had three doctors tell me my career was over. I didn't start wrestling till I was 35 and my career didn't kick off till I was 40. So for me to be on top of the world at 41 and 42 and literally blow my back out and have three different doctors tell me it's over; I'd try anything.

"Hence, DDPYoga: it ain't your mama's yoga! Zero impact, kick*ss cardio, increased flexibility and core strength conditioning... At 42, I had three doctors tell me my career was over. At 43, I was the Heavyweight Champion of the World."

Chris Jericho endorsing the product: "Now if you look at Chris Jericho today, he just came back from a herniated L4 and the doctors said he was done. That's the most powerful thing for me. I don't pay Chris Jericho to say the things that he's saying. You see guys like chuck Norris, they're paid to say that this gym or that gym is the best in the world; I'm not paying Chris Jericho. I can't afford Chris Jericho for starters, he's a million dollar guy. But, he's my friend who I helped, and who in turn now wants to help others. I've been humbled and honored that Chris would do that."

On one last match: "In terms of going back… I don't think that'll happen. Never say never. I am part of the company [WWE] again, just not in the ring. I've signed my legends' deal. You know, anything can happen over this next year, it's gonna be a really cool time. I've done all the hard work in preparation, and if something comes up along the way then I would definitely be interested in listening to it.

"The thing is for me… I wouldn't just go out there and wrestle, to wrestle, if there was something that made sense… I could do it. Not probably to the same level as I could, say, in the 90's, but I could come pretty close to that. But it would be for one run, and that would be it. So I'm not going to waste that run, and I may never do it, and that would be fine with me, cause my body feels amazing! [laughs] and I don't want do anything to screw that up!"

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