Dawn Marie Talks Starting Wrestler's Rescue, Kamala's Accusations, Controversies & More

People want to believe what they want to believe. There's a really big smear campaign. I did the same thing I'm doing with the Kamala issue. I put all the proof up. I did pay Steve Williams, I have the check on the website. All the other allegations that they said about me, I just proved them all wrong. That's the best I can do. I can't make people think something other than what they think they know.

WrestlingINC: With Steve Williams, what happened to the money that you raised? Did you end up donating it or did you put it towards the charity?

Dawn: No, I gave it to 'Doc'. ... If you go on our website and if you go to one of the top buttons that says 'Financial', you'll see the actual check with his signature on it where he signed it off. 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams did not attack us. No, no. Michael Porter's people, who I didn't give pay for rent, wanted to try to get rent money out of me. They told me I would be sorry if I didn't give them the money. What they did was created all these lies around 'Dr. Death's' campaign. 'Dr. Death.' at that time was passed on, so he couldn't defend me. So, they used something like that, which is very sad and disgusting in my eyes. Using someone that's passed to get your way.

WrestlingINC: Since then, Brian Heffron (a.k.a The Blue Meanie) has said that Jerry Lynn never received money for back surgery.

Dawn: What happened with Jerry Lynn was we were coming off the smear campaign with Michael Porter and 'Dr. Death'. Jerry had called me in the summer and I told him, 'Jerry, I don't know if we're going to be able to do anything because we just had a really horrible smear campaign lead against us. But, let me see what I can do to help you.'

So, I called the Cauliflower Alley Club and told them what was going on with Jerry Lynn. Alley Club gave him $2,000. Then, I never was able to do a campaign for Jerry. So, I never did a campaign for Jerry, So, therefore, he never got any money. I was never able to do a campaign because of all the bad press that we were just coming off of.

Meanwhile, I wanted to do a campaign for Jerry and I did one autograph signing. In that autograph signing, I went around and collected autographs because I wanted to do something for Jerry. I collected two or three autographs from everybody that was there. There was maybe ten people there. I got a doll from Axel Rod, an action figure. There was nothing of significant value that was collected and that's what Brian is talking about. He gave me two or three pictures towards Jerry Lynn and I never did a campaign and hes mad that I never did a campaign.

Then, I took his two or three pictures and I recently told him, over Twitter, I said, 'Brian, if you have a problem with me, we've known each other for years and years and years. Be man enough and call me and talk to me about this. Don't just go smearing me all over the place. Maybe it's just misinformation. Maybe you donated me the two or three pictures, but, really, what are our pictures even worth anymore? We've all been off TV for so long. $5, maybe, maybe $10. Maybe. [Laughs.] Including myself, I'm not putting him down. I'm including myself with me being off TV for so long. Really, what are they even worth. If you want, I'll send you your $30 if it makes you feel better. We didn't even sell the pictures yet, we still have them.

WrestlingINC: Did he respond to you?

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