Dawn Marie Talks Starting Wrestler's Rescue, Kamala's Accusations, Controversies & More

Dawn: He said, 'I needed to give the money to Jerry.' So, I said, 'Fine, I'll mail Jerry Lynn a check for $30.' I mean, even Jerry Lynn went public and said I was the one that helped him get money from the Cauliflower Alley Club. That he was thankful for the help that I did give him. That he knew I was not able to do a campaign for him.

Karl Lauer even went public and he tweeted that had it not been for me, Jerry Lynn, "Dr. Death' and Kamala all wouldn't have gotten money. I was the one that made them aware of what was going on. Karl Lauer is the president of the Cauliflower Alley Club.

WrestlingINC: With Heffron, had you two been in touch over the years and or did this sort of come out of the blue when he said this?

Dawn: Honestly, out of everything that has happened, Brian doing what he did hurt the most. Because I thought we were friends, like co-workers. I'm not saying best buddies that picked up the phone and talked. But, when I saw him, I was happy to see him, like, 'Oh, my God. Nice to see you.' We were genuinely good friends. I was happy to see him when I saw him and I thought it was mutual.

To be honest with you, that really hurt my feelings the most. Him, Nova and Stevie Richards. Stevie Richards I was never really friendly with. I didn't really know him that well. But, with Nova, I grew up with Nova. We all grew up together -- that's how I look at it. I really hurt my feelings more than anything..

More than anything that Kamala said, more than anything else. All the stuff that Kamala said, I can prove is false. But the fact thast people that I thought were my friends kind of turned against me so viciously -- that hurt.

WrestlingINC: So, how did the Kamala campaign start? Did he reach out to you or did you reach out to him? How did that get started?

Dawn: I never even knew Kamala. I knew him, I watched him. But, I never met him before. I got his number from Jimmy Snuka and called him up and told him about Wrestler's Rescue and we would do a campaign for him and help him make his home more handicap accessible. He agreed to it and we started doing the campaign.

Then, what happened was that I had a feeling that he needed some of the money. Just by talking to him, that's the feeling I got from him. So, I said to Mel, 'Send him lots of money. I'll send him $500 because that's all I can get my hands on because of PayPal.' PayPal will only let me transfer $500 a month. We really didn't raise much more than that for him, but i knew that we had at least raised $500 for him.

I said, 'I didn't do the book-keeping yet, but I know that we have raised $500 for you. I know that I can get my hands on that. So, let me send that out for you.' That was on the 18th. On the 20th, we got the check. On the 21st, it was mailed out. Between the 21st and the 25th, he received my mail, opened it up and put it into a new envelope and he certified mailed it back to me. Then, on the 31st, he went out and did this video, saying that I never gave him one dime. Just slamming me and saying horrible things about the foundation. It doesn't make any sense.

WrestlingINC: Why do you think he sent it back?

Dawn: I have no idea. The one thing I heard from a mutual friend was that he felt he didn't get it fast enough. I don't know how much faster I could have given it to him. [Laughs.] You know what I mean? That's even in some of his rants, 'She didn't send me out the check until after the video.' That's his biggest call is that I never sent him money until after he exposed me., Which is blatant lie and the mail doesn't lie. his YouTube shows he posted it on the 31st and the mail came back to me on the 26th. It's a blatant lie.

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