Dawn Marie Talks Starting Wrestler's Rescue, Kamala's Accusations, Controversies & More

WrestlingINC: That's bizarre. The UWE booking agent, Adam Loncar, he sent us a statement basically talking about the work you've done with Jimmy Snuka over the years, some of the work you've done in the past.

Dawn: When he did this thing called Millenium Wrestling, he bashed them too for not sending money and this, that and the other thing. Meanwhile, it was already on it's way because they sent it to Cauliflower Alley Club and then Cauliflower Alley Club had to send it to him. He did the same thing to someone else, too.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the second and final part of our interview, where Dawn discusses how the Kamala controversy cost her a TV deal, the business today, if wrestlers are better taken care of now than in the past, female wrestling today and more.

You can visit Dawn's official website at DawnMarieOnline.com, and visit WrestlersRescue.org. You can follow her on Twitter @WWEDawnMarieECW.

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