TNA Impact Results: BFG Final Five, Aries Brawls With Aces & 8's, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

TNA Impact Results: BFG Final Five, Aries Brawls With Aces & 8's, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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We begin with a recap of the BFG Series, the Tara-Tessmacher, and AJ-Claire storylines.

Mike Tenay welcomes us and sends to an Aces & 8's video package.

Austin Aries comes to the ring.

Aries drapes his belt across the rope in front of him (nice touch) and addresses Aces & 8's. He shows his bandaged "smashed" arm. He says he isn't medically cleared to wrestle but he doesn't need clearance to fight. He removes his jacket and says he's left-handed and they hurt his right hand. He punches people with his left. He calls them out and says he'll wait all night.

Hogan's music hits and he comes out with Sting.

Hogan and Sting have bats and stop at the top of the ramp. Hogan says he's back as GM. He tells Aces & 8's if they want a bloodbath then they're here to have one. Hogan tells Aries he can have whatever he wants.

Aries says he wants any member of the group in the ring, one-on-one.

Aces & 8"s interrupt on the big screen. The main guy says they are having too much fun. They are going to do things on their time and they do what they say. He says they'll be down later on.

Tonight in the BFG Series, Hardy faces Angle & Joe faces AJ. Storm faces RVD next. We go to commercial.

ODB is on the phone in a produced video trying to get a hold of Eric Young. She gives him ultimatums to answer. She finally says he has until next week. She wants her fried chicken and some lovin'.

Storm, Joe, RVD, and Bully Ray are in the lead in the BFG Series. A promo for No Surrender is shown. The final four men in the BFG Series will compete that night on September 9th.

BFG Series: RVD vs. James Storm

They lock-up and trade counters. Storm clings to a headlock. RVD suplexes him to escape but Storm holds-on. Storm releases and gets the better of a series of counters, with a forearm for 2. Storm stomps RVD in the corner but RVD turns the tables with a kick to the back of Storm's head on the apron. Storm falls to the outside and RVD follows with a slingshot plancha. We go to Commercial.

Back in the ring, Storm gets 2. RVD has been in control throughout the commercial. RVD springs off the ropes with a reverse kick. He hits Rolling Thunder and gets 2. Storm lands a kick and a vicious DDT for a very close near-fall. RVD is almost knocked-out. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm but RVD still kicks out. Both men are winded. RVD reverses an Irish Whip and monkey-flips Storm across the ring. He goes for another one but Storm connects with the Last Call for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: James Storm

Storm celebrates with beer and the fans. Christy Hemme congratulates Storm at ringside. Storm says he said he was going to win and get back his title.

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