TNA Impact Results: BFG Final Five, Aries Brawls With Aces & 8's, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Taz, Prichard, and Snow are in the ring for the Gut Check. Kris Lewie is introduced. Taz says Lewie isn't ready says, "No." Prichard screams, "This is Gut Check!" in his best Vince McMahon impression and says you have to dig down deep. He says, "No" also.

Joey Ryan is in the crowd with a bull horn and calls Gut Check a farce. He throws water in Snow's face and Prichard holds Snow back.

Hardy and Angle make their way to the Impact Zone. We go to commercial.

Joseph Park talks to Hogan and Sting in the office. He has been doing research on Aces & 8's, and they are in violation of many civil rights and crimes. Hogan says if Park can help, then to do so. Sting clowns on Park and says, "Kayfab."

There are several Bellator fighters in the front row.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Borash does formal introductions. Hardy and Angle go back-and-forth and put on a clinic. Angle hits punches in the corner. Hardy hits a leg-scissor takedown and throws Angle out of the ring then flies off the apron onto Angle. Back in the ring, Hardy takes it to Angle in the corner. Angle hits a clothesline. We go to commercial.

Hardy takes over with some explosive offense. He hits a basement dropkick for 2. Angle counters the Twist of Fate and hits three German Suplexes. Angle stalks Hardy and goes for the Angle Slam but Hardy counters into the Twist for 2. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind but it's still no good. Angle hits a belly-to-belly and pulls his straps down to hit the Angle Slam but somehow Hardy kicks out. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and goes up top and delivers the Swanton for 2. Angle applies the Ankle Lock but Hardy kicks out of it. Angle cuts Hardy off up top but Hardy throws him off and hits another Swanton for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy

The camera focuses on Angle who is pondering what just happened in disappointed disbelief. Angle leaves and Borash gets in the ring to introduce the final five in the BFG Series. Storm, RVD, Joe, and Bully Ray come to the ring. Borash says one man will be eliminated next week. Storm's points guarantee him a spot in the final four. Next week, Hardy will face Joe and Bully will face RVD. Pyro goes off.

Austin Aries is on his way to the ring. We go to commercial.

Aries makes his way to the ring, walking with a purpose. He says it's time for Aces & 8's to get their a** kicked.

Hogan's music hits and he comes out with Sting and AJ, Storm, RVD, Joe, and Hardy in-tow. Hogan says they are there only for support.

Aces & 8's make their way through the crowd. Hogan says TNA's finest is in the ring so Aces & 8's need to send their finest in the ring. One of the big main guys gets in the ring. Aries hits shoulders in the corner but the big guy gets the advantage. Aries hits a double-leg takedown. The rest of the masked men go to get in the ring and a brawl breaks out. Aries hits a running dropkick in the ring on the big guy and goes to remove his mask. One of the guys gets in the ring and puts a mask on his face and hits Aries from behind with a flapjack weapon. Aces & 8's retreat.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off below.

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