- Sid Vicious' son Frank Eudy is doing really well on the CBS reality show, Big Brother. Frank has now won more competitions than any male in the show's history.

- NewsDay has an interview with WWE Hall of Famer "Luscious" Johnny Valiant at this link.

- Shane Helms recently had Diamond Dallas Page on his Highway2Helms podcast. During the appearance, Page going to Kanyon's house to talk and motivate a group of new WCW hires, his new project to resurrect Jake "The Snake" Roberts, how DDP Yoga transformed and saved the life of a military veteran and more. You can download the podcast on iTunes, or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

- Speaking of Page, he will be visiting Pure Yoga East in New York City from Friday, September 28th through Sunday, September 30th for four intense workshops. You can get more information about the event at this link.

- Here is the latest episode of Booker T's "Reality of Wrestling":

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