Source: Rotten Tomatoes

WWE's website has a new article up touting some of the positive reviews for WWE Studios' The Day, which opened in select theaters this week. As of this writing, the movie has a 22% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes movie review website with just 9 critic reviews counted - 2 "Fresh" and 7 "Rotten." Out of 2,201 user ratings, 63% of viewers liked the movie.

Here are some highlights from current critic reviews:

Marc Graser, Variety: "'The Day' is one of the most effective horror movies made in years, successfully delivering a feeling of dread that so many films in the genre lack these days, along with a unique story and captivating characters. Douglas Aarniokoski doesn't take the easy out in his direction and never relies on camp or amps up the gore quotient to thrill audiences. He's an impressive filmmaker who is worth keeping an eye on."

Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post: "The film feels unbelievably long at 84 minutes, and the color-drained, hand-held cinematography serves only as a reminder of just how good "Night of the Living Dead" really was."

Joel Arnold, NPR: "A savage B-movie thriller with unrealized aspirations to profundity..."

Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic: "Every day is gloomy in "The Day," Douglas Aarniokoski's film with a creepy, paranoid atmosphere that's more effective than the performances."

Elizabeth Weitzman, NY Daily News: "Towards the end, you might find yourself thinking, "Well, this could have been worse." And you'll mean it as a compliment."

Mark Olsen, LA Times: ""The Day" is just good enough to engage audiences, but it falls well short of remarkable, leaving viewers wishing for a dawn that never breaks."

John Gholson, "The Day's cannibalization of other, better films is its downfall; there's just not enough unique material here to nourish."

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