Source: F4WOnline

- Roddy Piper has been pulled from the Caribbean Wrestling Bash tour that runs in Aruba from September 7th through the 9th. This is the same tour that features WWE announcer Jerry Lawler and other Legends.

- Natalya did a fan Q&A on Twitter last night and noted that Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero) is the NXT Diva that she is most impressed with and looking forward to wrestling.

- Clearing up CM Punk's Twitter posts where he responded to reports of blading on RAW, reports that he was not fined any amount of money, especially a huge amount like $500,000, and there was no fine issued to referee Charles Robinson. Punk's posts were tongue-in-cheek and word is that WWE officials believe the cut on his head was from hitting the cage.

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