Chris Jericho Discusses Triple H's Legacy, His Best Run, If Ziggler Is The Next Big Thing, More

Did it bother him when a guy like the Miz who had little experience, had the WWE title?

No, because that's the world we live in now. It's not like what it used to be back when I came in 1999. I bet when you look at that roster in '99, I bet you would have at least eight to possibly twelve legitimate, main event, superstar, amazing character, amazing workers. I bet there was at least ten. Now, there is probably four and with potential for four or five more. The experience level and the character development is completely different now.

When will the time come for the WWE to rely on their young stars instead of the older stars?

We are pretty much at that point now. It's more necessity than anything. When Daniel Bryan first came in a couple of years ago, you saw the evolution of the character. He came in as like the NXT nobody, then gets fired and then comes back as a nerd and as a vegan. The vegan thing came about because Vince hates vegans. Vince would say "how could you not eat steak?" He made vegan into a heel tendency. I always knew Daniel Bryan would get over because once again look at his career path. He had gotten over everywhere he had been. You can make jokes that he wrestled in a bingo hall or a gym, but getting over is getting over whether it's in front of 200 people or 20,000 people. It's the same principle. How do I get the crowd on my side either as a heel or a babyface? He always had that, he just figured a way to do it. That's what all the other guys are going to have to start doing. They are already kind of making that switch. If you look at Wrestlemania this year, what's the top three matches? You had Undertaker vs Triple H with HBK, all part timers at best. You had Cena and Rock, one workhorse who works every show, the other part timer at best. Then you had Punk and Jericho. So three of the six were on Raw the next night. Sooner or later it's going to have to get to that point. There is still pure business at stake. What are people going to pay to see? It does take time for people to accept some of these guys as legitimate money-making main eventers that you would pay to see.

Talks about his creepy promos leading to his return:

It all started with the Myans saying 2012 would be the end of the world. So I thought it would be cool to come back with the end of the world as you know it in the sense of kind of like the old Y2J promos where the whole company kind of went into the tank and it's the end of THAT world and the beginning of the new world with Jericho laying claim to what is his. It was meant to be something ominous based on the Myan thing saying the end of the world is coming. 2012 is the end of the world and this was the end of the world as we know it. The world has now changed because I am back to reclaim what is mine. It started with "the best in the world thing". It was a natural feud with CM Punk. But sometimes people read into these things too much. People still ask me "who was the girl?"I worked on this with a guy named Adam Pennucci who worked on all of my promos since 1999. I asked him the question "who's the girl"? He said "I don't know, I just find her really creepy and I like the idea of it". So I was like, "cool, put it in there." Then people were asking, "was it Stephanie McMahon, was it AJ Lee, was it Kharma, was it Michelle McCool?"There was no girl. It was never anything to do with a girl. It was just another creepy imagery to have two creepy kids conspiring with each other. People were finding clues that didn't exist. People were pausing it and looking at the Bible quotes and how it leads to Jericho. They were pausing it frame by frame and this girl is supposed to be Stephanie McMahon and the boy is Shane McMahon. There is a book on the floor that says Jericho on it. It was all speculation and people getting into it. I didn't want to come back the same, I wanted to come back different. The viral thing was my idea, where the YouTube thing on Raw on the bottom of the screen, where it's very subtle. I like stuff like that where it makes people think. The silent treatment was all Vince's idea. I had a big long promo that would have explained it right off the bat why it was the end of the world as you know it and why I was coming back to reclaim what was mine. Vince said "no I don't want you to say anything." It worked so well that we said let's not say anything for a whole month and see what happens. We are not as smart as you think by putting messages on the tiles of the floor. This was all done on a shoestring budget and I never saw the clips until they were done.

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