Chris Jericho Discusses Triple H's Legacy, His Best Run, If Ziggler Is The Next Big Thing, More

On his feud with Dolph Ziggler:

Originally I was supposed to feud with Sheamus, and then it was Daniel Bryan. Then the day of Raw, they said I was doing something with Dolph. I was like "what happened to Daniel Bryan and Sheamus?" They said it changed and I was fine with it. I've been doing this long enough that I roll with the punches. I couldn't wait to work with Dolph but I needed a story. What's the story? They said "we will think of one later." I said "I don't like that". I need to think of one now since I have a promo tonight with Dolph. We cant think about this next week. That's when I came up with the concept of everyone was b---hing that Jericho never won a match on PPV. I don't think of things that way. I win if the match is great. I win if people enjoy the match. Winning and losing, who cares? It doesn't matter. As a heel especially, you can win one out of ten matches and you're fine. Once I came back from suspension, the tide had already shifted. The heel was gone. People wanted to cheer for Jericho. When that finally happens, you just got to go with it. I thought it would be real interesting to go with the "you can't win the big one" scenario. But sometimes the writers will write "this old broken down guy who is on the last legs of his career." I'm like "wait a second, broken down? I'm in the best shape of my life, never been hurt, I've never missed a match and it's not like I lost EVERY match. I beat Sheamus on TV, I beat Punk on TV and I beat Kofi a million times. I wanted to focus on the storyline of "he can't win the big one." It gave us a great place to go. You always have to have a good storyline. Without a storyline, it's just two guys in their underwear rolling around half naked.

What he thought was his best run in his career:

When I came back in 2007, I thought that was the best work of my career as far as really showing who I was as a performer. The story I did with Shawn Michaels and I'm not bragging when I say this, but to me it's one of the best storylines in WWE history. Blackjack Lanza told me that the last time I saw him a few months ago. I thought that was the best example of storytelling in wrestling. I was working with the greatest of all time. When that angle was done, I went into a thing with Mysterio which I thought was one of the best things I've done as well, then did the thing with NXT guys. When I came back this time I was like "who am I going to work with?" There is Punk and Cena, but there is no more Shawn Michaels or Undertaker or Triple H, or Eddie Guerrero. I still want to have great matches, but I also want to pass of the experience, pass the knowledge that I have on to these guys, so when I go they can become the main event guys of tomorrow. Just like Shawn did with me.

On Triple H's legacy:

He is a great worker. I think he is almost underrated as a worker because of all the side baggage that people have put on him. I worked with him when I first came in. He is a great worker and really helped me out. I'll be honest with you he is doing a great job behind the scenes. It's not an easy job. He is being thrown in all the way. Vince is making him do everything. He is in charge of all the meetings, he is in charge of all the side projects, and I think what people forget is the "Attitude Era" was a lifetime ago. When I started being Y2J again, a lot of people didn't know who that was. That was ten years ago. There are a lot of new fans and kids watching and girls, and new people just starting to watch 3 or 4 years ago, so they don't know the legacy of Triple H. The "You tapped out" chants at Summerslam was not what they wanted, but his legacy to me is one of the best workers that was in the company and he is going to be the guy to take the company to the next level in the next 10, 20 years.

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