We begin with a recap of the BFG Series, the Tara-Tessmacher, and AJ-Claire storylines.

Mike Tenay welcomes us and sends to an Aces & 8's video package.

Austin Aries comes to the ring.

Aries drapes his belt across the rope in front of him (nice touch) and addresses Aces & 8's. He shows his bandaged "smashed" arm. He says he isn't medically cleared to wrestle but he doesn't need clearance to fight. He removes his jacket and says he's left-handed and they hurt his right hand. He punches people with his left. He calls them out and says he'll wait all night.

Hogan's music hits and he comes out with Sting.

Hogan and Sting have bats and stop at the top of the ramp. Hogan says he's back as GM. He tells Aces & 8's if they want a bloodbath then they're here to have one. Hogan tells Aries he can have whatever he wants.

Aries says he wants any member of the group in the ring, one-on-one.

Aces & 8"s interrupt on the big screen. The main guy says they are having too much fun. They are going to do things on their time and they do what they say. He says they'll be down later on.

Tonight in the BFG Series, Hardy faces Angle & Joe faces AJ. Storm faces RVD next. We go to commercial.

ODB is on the phone in a produced video trying to get a hold of Eric Young. She gives him ultimatums to answer. She finally says he has until next week. She wants her fried chicken and some lovin'.

Storm, Joe, RVD, and Bully Ray are in the lead in the BFG Series. A promo for No Surrender is shown. The final four men in the BFG Series will compete that night on September 9th.

BFG Series: RVD vs. James Storm

They lock-up and trade counters. Storm clings to a headlock. RVD suplexes him to escape but Storm holds-on. Storm releases and gets the better of a series of counters, with a forearm for 2. Storm stomps RVD in the corner but RVD turns the tables with a kick to the back of Storm's head on the apron. Storm falls to the outside and RVD follows with a slingshot plancha. We go to Commercial.

Back in the ring, Storm gets 2. RVD has been in control throughout the commercial. RVD springs off the ropes with a reverse kick. He hits Rolling Thunder and gets 2. Storm lands a kick and a vicious DDT for a very close near-fall. RVD is almost knocked-out. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm but RVD still kicks out. Both men are winded. RVD reverses an Irish Whip and monkey-flips Storm across the ring. He goes for another one but Storm connects with the Last Call for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: James Storm

Storm celebrates with beer and the fans. Christy Hemme congratulates Storm at ringside. Storm says he said he was going to win and get back his title.

Madison Rayne makes her way to the Impact Zone. We go to commercial

Taryn Terrell is in the ring and Madison is introduced. Madison says earlier in the week she received a call from Brooke Hogan telling her that she has a match tonight. Madison thinks it's her rematch for the title. She looks at Taryn and says she cost her, her title. ODB comes out and says she got a call from Brooke too, and she has a match with Madison. Madison wants no part of it. She says she's not ready. She instructs Taryn to get ODB back and ring the bell. She calls ODB trailer-park trash.

ODB vs. Madison Rayne

Madison begins poking ODB in the chest and ODB spits her liquor in Madison's face. ODB hits a 3-move flurry of offense and drops Madison in the BAM for a super-quick win.

Winner by pin: ODB

Eric Young comes out in a suit with some KFC and a small keg. ODB circles him and asks where he's been. He says he's been in Hollywood filming his TV show. ODB asks who the hell he is with his fancy crap. She says this isn't who she married. Young agrees and begins to strip to his underwear. ODB jumps on him with chicken in-hand and they kiss.

A video recap of the AJ-Claire situation is shown.

Gut Check is next. We go to commercial.

Last Week: Al Snow, Taz, and Bruce Prichard discuss Kris Lewie's Gut Check. They think he choked and wasn't ready.

Hogan and Sting are backstage. Hogan says he smells blood. Sting wants to blow a gasket. Hogan wants a slow build-up. Sting says he better see some Hollywood. Sting opens the door for Kazarian & Daniels to enter. Kaz calls Sting Heath (as in Ledger) and tells them he and Daniels have iron-clad contracts and can't be fired. Hogan goes off on them and says they are not friends and that Kaz & Daniels are what is wrong with the business today. Hogan tells them they are going to fight and he will tell them when and where. Sting makes them flinch. Hogan says, "ta ta," and Sting tells him not to use his catchphrase. Sting says "What chu gonna do?" We go to commercial.

BFG Series: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Tenay says that the 1st place winner of the regular BFG Series will be able to hand-pick his opponent at No Surrender.

AJ and Joe have an exchange and AJ slides out to regroup. Back in the ring, Joe hits a shoulderblock. AJ rebounds but is unable to lift Joe for the suplex. AJ traps Joe's leg in the ropes and lands some kicks to take the big man off his feet. AJ connects with a dropkick and Joe goes out to regroup. AJ follows with an attempted springboard splash but Joe kicks him in mid-air in the stomach. Joe sends him in and drops a big knee for 2. They exchange some forearms in the middle of the ring. Joe applies a modified STF and transitions to a different position but AJ's foot reaches the rope.

Joe hits a big boot to the grill but AJ moves out of the way of a back splash. Both struggle to get up. AJ hits a springboard flying-punch and the Pele and applies a cross-armbreaker but Joe's foot reaches the ropes. AJ rushes in the corner but Joe catches him in the air and hits a Rock Bottom. AJ rolls him up and gets 2. Joe counters AJ and applies a choke but AJ counters into an armbar. Joe rolls through and uses his weight to keep AJ down for the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Samoa Joe

We go to commercial.

Kurt Angle talks about his BFG match against Jeff Hardy.

Taz, Prichard, and Snow are in the ring for the Gut Check. Kris Lewie is introduced. Taz says Lewie isn't ready says, "No." Prichard screams, "This is Gut Check!" in his best Vince McMahon impression and says you have to dig down deep. He says, "No" also.

Joey Ryan is in the crowd with a bull horn and calls Gut Check a farce. He throws water in Snow's face and Prichard holds Snow back.

Hardy and Angle make their way to the Impact Zone. We go to commercial.

Joseph Park talks to Hogan and Sting in the office. He has been doing research on Aces & 8's, and they are in violation of many civil rights and crimes. Hogan says if Park can help, then to do so. Sting clowns on Park and says, "Kayfab."

There are several Bellator fighters in the front row.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

Borash does formal introductions. Hardy and Angle go back-and-forth and put on a clinic. Angle hits punches in the corner. Hardy hits a leg-scissor takedown and throws Angle out of the ring then flies off the apron onto Angle. Back in the ring, Hardy takes it to Angle in the corner. Angle hits a clothesline. We go to commercial.

Hardy takes over with some explosive offense. He hits a basement dropkick for 2. Angle counters the Twist of Fate and hits three German Suplexes. Angle stalks Hardy and goes for the Angle Slam but Hardy counters into the Twist for 2. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind but it's still no good. Angle hits a belly-to-belly and pulls his straps down to hit the Angle Slam but somehow Hardy kicks out. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and goes up top and delivers the Swanton for 2. Angle applies the Ankle Lock but Hardy kicks out of it. Angle cuts Hardy off up top but Hardy throws him off and hits another Swanton for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy

The camera focuses on Angle who is pondering what just happened in disappointed disbelief. Angle leaves and Borash gets in the ring to introduce the final five in the BFG Series. Storm, RVD, Joe, and Bully Ray come to the ring. Borash says one man will be eliminated next week. Storm's points guarantee him a spot in the final four. Next week, Hardy will face Joe and Bully will face RVD. Pyro goes off.

Austin Aries is on his way to the ring. We go to commercial.

Aries makes his way to the ring, walking with a purpose. He says it's time for Aces & 8's to get their a** kicked.

Hogan's music hits and he comes out with Sting and AJ, Storm, RVD, Joe, and Hardy in-tow. Hogan says they are there only for support.

Aces & 8's make their way through the crowd. Hogan says TNA's finest is in the ring so Aces & 8's need to send their finest in the ring. One of the big main guys gets in the ring. Aries hits shoulders in the corner but the big guy gets the advantage. Aries hits a double-leg takedown. The rest of the masked men go to get in the ring and a brawl breaks out. Aries hits a running dropkick in the ring on the big guy and goes to remove his mask. One of the guys gets in the ring and puts a mask on his face and hits Aries from behind with a flapjack weapon. Aces & 8's retreat.

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