Thanks to reader Keelan Cetinich for sending in these results from Thursday's RAW live event in Brisbane, Australia:

I went to this show last night. It was a really hyped crowd! Before the show started there were a lot of "YES!" chants and "WOOOOO!" chants. Real good fun.

Justin Roberts welcomed everyone to the show.

"The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay vs Jack Swagger

It wasn't much of a wrestling match, but the fans were really hyped they didn't care. They were into the match. Cameron was there, which was a surprise after her DUI arrest. Clay won with a running splat.

Daniel Bryan appeared on the screen, and I swear, Brisbane lost it. It seriously sounded like Miami after Wrestlemania. So many "YES!" chants. Daniel Bryan explained that everyone should stop saying yes, and that he will destroy Zack Ryder tonight.

Zack Ryder vs Daniel Bryan

Solid match. Ryder actually won with a Rough Ryder. A few guys in our section started a "Goat Face" chant, and everyone got into that. During the match, Bryan asked Justin Roberts for everyone to stop calling him Goat Face. Didn't help.

Intercontinental Championship match - The Miz (c) vs Alex Riley

The Miz cut a promo before the match, explaining last time he was in Brisbane, he defended and left as a champion. This time he'll do the same. Alex Riley got one of the greatest pops of the night as a matter of fact. Really over. Miz won with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Afterwards, Tensai came out and took down A-Ry. Me and my friend chanted "A-Train" and he told me to shut up on the microphone. He opens a challenge to anyone in the back, and he explains that he can wait all night...

WWE Tag Team Championship Match - Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendas

R-Truth must have a new rap. It must be the Little Jimmy rap he was meant to write a few months ago, because he came out rapping about Little Jimmy. Ultra fun match! Lot of high flying action. Epico and Primo actually won the match. Kingston had his foot on the rope but Rosa pushed it off.

AJ came out, to a big pop. Man she's smaller than I thought she would be too. She restarted the match. Straight away, Kingston and Truth both hit their finishers to win.


WWE Divas Championship - Layla (c) vs Rosa Mendes

Worst match. They danced for five minutes before any action got underway. Layla won with a kick to the head. Boring. Typical divas match.

RAW Rebound. A video package of CM Punk attacking Jerry Lawler. Justin Roberts encouraged people to TOUT and Tweet about it. I yelled out "GAY!" and he smiled.

David Otunga vs Santino Marella

Chris Masters... whoops, I meant David Otunga... Could have sworn it was Masters though with his posing. Santino did some comedy before hitting The Cobra to win.

Tensai came back out and hit his finisher on Santino. AJ then came out again, and said she has a challenge for Tensai, and said, "get him boys". Brodus Clay, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder ran out and they all hit their finishers on him, including Santino.

Main Event: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match - CM Punk (c) vs Big Show vs John Cena

In the video promos a week before the show, it was meant to be an extreme rules match, and I was upset that they scratched that.

Cena was out to a decent reaction, more cheers than boos. Show was next with big heat. CM Punk was out with another decent reaction, but more boos than cheers. He stood in the spotlight in the ring for a good 3 minutes with the title in the air, which actually got annoying.

A good match none-the-less. Soon as the bell rang, Cena and Punk went straight for Show. Show's slaps to the chest were loud. He got a microphone to prove that the slaps are legit.

Cena and Show ended up out of the ring, and Cena nailed Show with the steel stairs, and Punk and Cena rolled into the ring and the same time and stared each other down.

From there on it was pretty much one-man out, two-men in. Cena hit an AA on Show, and Punk nailed Cena with the WWE Title and pinned Show to win and fled quickly.

John Laurinaitis came out with a chair and hit Cena with it, and yelled, "PEOPLE POWER!" Cena then hit an AA after ducking a chair shot. He then talked to the audience after, and thanked them. He gave a wristband to a guy with down syndrome sitting in front of us. Very nice of him.

Biggest Pops:

John Cena
Alex Riley
Daniel Bryan

Biggest Heat:

Jack Swagger
Big Show

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