- Candice Michelle is the featured star on WWE's website today.

- The Ultimate Warrior, Carlito, Sandman, Raven, Bobby Lashley and Jillian Hall are advertised for a Big Time Wrestling event on October 5th in Boston.

- RAW General Manager AJ Lee tweeted the following in response to Vickie Guerrero and Booker T saying she's lost it on last night's SmackDown:

"I don't appreciate the comments made by Vickie & Booker on Smackdown. I was just playing with her. Sometimes I play a little rough."

- WWE's website caught up with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio after last night's SmackDown where Cara stopped Cody Rhodes from trying to unmask Mysterio. Cara then set up Rey for 619 and put one of his own masks on Cody's head.

After celebrating in the ring, cameras caught up with the two masked man backstage. Cara spoke in Spanish while Rey translated for him. Cara talked about how nobody in WWE or around the world is going to disrespect their masks.

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